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Boise Spends $500,000 on 2013 Travel

Believe it or not, Boise City employees travel expenses of $500,000 for 2013 were down 16% over 2012.

A hearty KUDOS from the GUARDIAN to city staff and managers. Back in 2012 the expenses had jumped to $600,000– a 27% hike over the 2011 fiscal year total of $471,000.

The most recent half million dollar expense is still high, but it appears to be about average. A policy of justifying and receiving approval from the city council for out of state travel seems to be working.

During the Brent Coles administration travel was out of hand and was a contributing factor to his resignation and jail time.

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  1. If we could only get a few of the city employees to buy one way tickets we could save a ton of money….

  2. thanks for watching this and reporting the good news!

  3. I wonder how many city employees would be willing to write a trip report along with their expense reports and post them online.

    I tend to think that alone would put a dent in travel expenses.

    Another gripe is: Why can’t they teleconference? This is the internet age and sitting in a room with a big screen v. sitting is a room with the actual speaker and a big screen is… let me think not much difference in my mind.

  4. Still way too high. Porcupine, agree, I’d pay for a couple of those 1 way tickets!

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