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Masterson, Letterman Announce Retirements

Two entertainment greats announced Thursday they plan to retire within the next year, but neither would specify an exact date.

Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson, a frequent contributor and subject of GUARDIAN stories, has decided to call it quits after 10 years at the helm of Boise PD. He was holding out to be the longest serving chief in the history of the department, but will settle for #2.

Talk show host David Letterman on the other hand will leave as the late night show champ with 21 years of community service. He served with NBC and CBS networks.

It will be fun to watch both shows as the short timers are able to express their personal views without fear of job security.

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  1. Rod in SE Boise
    Apr 4, 2014, 12:05 pm

    Chief Masterson’s tenure has brought an improvement to the conduct of the BPD. I can’t recall any “questionable” citizen deaths on his watch. I wish him well in retirement.

  2. My….what a surprise. What an incredible coincidence. Would NEVER have guessed something like this would happen so soon after the conclusion of a two year federal investigation. What a COINCIDENCE.

  3. I hate to see him go… I think he might have had what it takes to make changes in BPD, hopefully the next guy will have the courage to do the same.

  4. Yea you guys are right. He’s only been there 9 years. Maybe in 9 more years he can eliminate the need for the FBI to investigate something that he knows nothing about. What great leadership. I believe the term is “cut and run”.

  5. Grumpy ole guy
    Apr 4, 2014, 2:39 pm

    One wishes them both a contentment in retirement and hopes that others will join them, sooner rather than later.

  6. Well guess we will have to take for granted since no charges were brought they didn’t find anything that egregious. Unless you think everyone is covering for BPD… which I really don’t think is all that likely.

  7. “short timers are able to express their personal views without fear of job security”

    I’m pretty sure government employees ought NOT be expressing their personal views in a public manner.

    I thought it odd to be so vague with “2014 will most likely be my last year as chief”.

    “Most likely”?

  8. Chief ya did good for the most part. It was a dirty mess when ya got here. Like the weeds in my yard, it needs constant attention in any police force. I’m very concerned about Bieter’s pick. Wish we could elect.

    I wonder if? Here comes the revenue generating red-light cameras?

    Perhaps the Editor could run an article about how a poorly chosen police chief has destroyed the reputation of city hall in other cities.

  9. Chief, how about a going away present? Give the Statesman a list of all those you wanted to fire but couldn’t because of the union.

  10. The UNION? Rumor has it that the union leadership is now part of the department’s command staff. Doubtful that they prevented anyone from getting fired……….with the possible exception of the YOUTUBE heroine interestingly enough. But apparently that issue is now untouchable.

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