Boise Copper Quits After Domestic Charges

Gary MillerThat Boise copper who was charged with domestic violence on his house mate and simple battery on an Ada County Sheriff’s Department CSI has left the department.

The GUARDIAN confirmed former officer Gary Miller was allowed to resign effective last week.

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  1. Hum… so sine he quit before he was convicted does he get to keep his cert’s and peddle them to another community? I wonder if we will ever know the entire story of this incident. I requested the investigation records from ACSD and was denied access to them. IMHO there are some very glaring inconsistencies in what was reported to have happened and what was charged. It seems like “professional” courtesy was rampant in this case but, as I said we will never know the truth the machine will ensure that.

    EDITOR NOTE– POST Council requires some sort of “resignation in lieu of termination” box be checked on the departure form, so the chances are pretty good his copper career is over.

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    Apr 16, 2014, 3:56 pm

    Any injustice here will probable be to the victim, as it usually is. It is unfortunate that the “crime” and the “punishment” falls outside of arena of law and more into social welfare for both the perpetrator and the victim.

  3. Grumpy I would respectfully disagree that it falls outside the law it falls squarely within the purview of the law. I will whole heartedly agree with you that it is much more of a social issue than a legal one. The overwhelming majority of these incidents do not end in any physical harm done to either party psychological harm is a whole other story.

    “If” this case is typical…and I see nothing other than his profession and the fact that it seems blood was actually drawn that makes it anything but a “normal” DV case. I would be willing to bet that the “perp” and the “vic” have already settled their differences and have made nice… regardless of whether or not there is an “NCO” in place. Additionally I would submit that this is not the first time it has happened between them… it however seems to be the first time that anything is being done about it.

    As a person who has been where he is now, although I was without a shield in place to keep the general public from finding out the particulars, I can sympathize with his plight and hope that he takes to heart what he will learn in his DV classes and on probation.

  4. I know this goes against the popular grain but how many places are there for battered MEN? I worked in law enforcement and know of several cases where it was the man getting beat on by an ill tempered wife and he had to take it or face what this guy faced.

    There are no “shelters for battered MEN” that I know of in this valley. Yet it is always the woman who seems to be able to carry this big stick and get away with it. Assaults by women on men is more common than those doing the prosecuting and enforcing would like to acknowledge publicly.

  5. Fly…. very very good point… and very well said. And very commendable for a former Le to lend some credence to the fact that the scales of justice… though blind are sure tipped to one side.

  6. Rod in SE Boise
    Apr 17, 2014, 11:16 am

    More police-state news. They believe they are above the law and protect each other (and I don’t just mean cops here – I include the entire justice system and the politicians, also). We are just like cattle to be herded where they want us to go and beaten into submission if we resist.

    No, Rick, we will never know the entire story.

  7. Rod
    They are above the law, they do not have to wear seatbelts… they text while they drive.. hell I’ve seen a lot of them on their laptops driving down the road. Regular citizens are not allowed to thumb their noses at the law… because they are “at work”. In this particular incident or hero put hands on a sheriff’s dept. CSI and is charged with simple battery… a Misd. Let any other citizen lay hands on that same CSI and he will be charged with felony battery on a LE official… you can make bank on that. Cases involving Mr. Miller give us even more proof. When pulled over for DUI our hero was cited and released… any other “citizen” would have been cuffed… stuffed.. and booked. I am not saying that the focus of another story currently running on the guardian did anything against the law… he did not… what he did was extend what is called “professionally courtesy” to a brother in arms so to speak. I will bet $$$$ that less than 1% of the DUI stops end with a citation rather with someone being hooked up.

    As to your point about politicians and such I personally think that the public is more to blame than anyone else. Hear me out. The public it at best ignorant to how prolific these incident really are, at worst they are too apathetic to do anything about the amount of incidents. There needs to be open constructive communication about just how out of control LE nationwide has become.

    Unfortunately when these conversations start it is inevitable that tempers will flare and arguments start then the thread is closed to new comments. The baiting goes on on both sides of the issue and the only winner is LE, when the conversation is stifled the winner is the status quo.

    You are right about the police state.. and until the regular joe gets his act together we have no chance in wresting control of our lives away from the powers that be.

  8. Grumpy ole guy
    Apr 17, 2014, 5:13 pm

    Very good points raised here and all valid, I believe. Domestic violence is the “ugly little secrete” behind far too many curtains of homes in far too many places. While usually male against female, most certainly not universal, more most usually what evidence we see is the result of physical assault, the more insidious is probably the mental abuse which results. And, while the abuse may be directed toward a spouse it is too often the children who become the by-standers who suffer the collateral damage.
    Yes, this case makes the news because of the job held by the accused, but it is, I fear, the small tip of a very large ice-berg.

  9. Did he get hired at a neighboring department yet?

  10. It’s not just in Boise.
    IMO it’s unions and the idea of covering up for each other- the good cops are letting the bad cops stay in (so I guess they aren’t really good cops). Since the Chief is a regular reader, maybe he offer his “personal opinion”.

    From the Seattle Times:
    A federal civil-rights investigation into the Seattle Police Department has found routine and widespread use of excessive force by officers, and city and police officials were told at a stormy Thursday night meeting that they must fix the problems or face a federal lawsuit, according to two sources.

  11. Interested Citizen
    Apr 19, 2014, 4:41 pm

    I am convinced that there is very uneven treatment by “professional law enforcement” of its own ranks, and this is a repulsive and repugnant affront to a free society.

    I am further convinced the “professional law enforcement” only uncovers a small percentage of its so-called “bad apples”, and properly disciplines, prosecutes, reprimands, and so forth, a few of those. So, the system and culture of law enforcement proliferates a sad state of affairs.

    I would challenge Chief Masterson to address this serious issue.

  12. I agree with you that they are treated differently than us commoners… I am not sure why you would think that LE would honestly police it’s self… I am not trying to stand up for cops but big business doesn’t police it’s self…the govt. doesn’t so what would make you think cops would…

  13. Zip… he will be soon….even if the “resignation in lieu of termination” box is checked

  14. Rick,

    I’m not so sure that he will be rehired in or out of state as a LEO. He is just carrying too much baggage. He has a withheld judgment for his DUI (which is fairly typical for a 1st DUI in Idaho if one hasn’t used their one withheld judgment previously). Now he will have convictions for DV and assault. Before we suppose what will happen, we should let the system play itself out and see what happens.

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