Copper And High School Student Battle

In a major show of force, Boise Police made a massive “code three” response to Frank Church High School Friday during the lunch hour following an altercation between a teenaged student and a copper.

An honor student from another school who attends computer classes at the Boise School District tech center near Frank Church High on Victory Road also contacted the GUARDIAN to report, “”at least a dozen Boise Pd units with lights flashing responded to the school during the lunch hour Friday.” The student said the response included marked units, supervisors, and unmarked detective cars.

A video post on YOU TUBE showing a 17-year-old student at Frank Church High School being forcibly detained by Boise Police is burning up the internet and the big question seems to deal with confiscating phones rather than the police action.
In the video there is a teacher (or counselor) shown blocking a cell phone camera and saying, “You don’t need to video.”

Other reports on the AWAKENED CITIZEN website report student cell phones were confiscated and at least one phone was returned with the video erased.

UPDATE 4/28 1:30 p.m. (Clarification), supposedly it was school staff, not coppers who took phone cameras. We have a confirmation/denial request pending at Boise Schools. Coppers tell us the unruly teen was “a big kid” and all the officer could handle, hence he called on his radio for back up.

The GUARDIAN makes no judgement about the actions of the Boise copper(s), but we are concerned about the actions of school attempting to “put a lid” on the incident by blocking the video attempt of the student and–IF TRUE–confiscating cell phones. Even the police have no right to confiscate property without a warrant.

We were reluctant to post the story, especially after talking to several educators who said “Frank Church is always in a lock down mode. It’s an alternative school and a tough school.”

Despite the reputation of the facility, it appears there was some sort of incident and it got out of control. Such a massive police response for a single misbehaving student would seem inappropriate. If there were credible reports of weapons, or threats of violence, parents and the public should have been informed.

Any FACTUAL details or additional video are welcome in the comment section below or through the CONTACT button above.

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  1. The rapid fire succession of incidents of infringement of citizen’s rights has at some point got to end. It is very disheartening to once again hear of an incident involving local LE.

    EDITOR NOTE–Caution to Rick and others: While the response was massive, it may have been justified. We will NOT post the usual cop bashing comments unless witnesses come forward with allegations. There is certainly cause for concern, but at this point we want more details.

  2. If read this link, I did reach out to the School District and Boise Police about this incident. I noticed that left that out.

  3. I am not saying the response by LE was unwarranted in any way… the video is too short to draw that conclusion. “If” the reports on Awakened Citizen are correct excessive force was probably used.

    All I am saying is there seem to be a growing number of rights violations when LE is in the mix. Again I am not saying these cops did anything wrong just that there were wrongs committed in this incident.

    I believe that a good deal of the “cop bashing” comments are posted by cops themselves… ensuring the quick shutdown of postings.

  4. Well according to this link and story
    the school counselor was encouraging to stop recording has been identified.

    Isn’t Frank Church HS the Boise school dist. Alternative HS for kids with problems?

    EDITOR NOTE–Alternative as mentioned in the post.

  5. Awesome!
    One of the best things to happen in high school is a fight.
    Really lightens up the day.

  6. The principal there is Cedric Minter. Go Broncos!

    He can be seen in the video in the background- white shirt with a tie.

  7. Rod in SE Boise
    Apr 28, 2014, 11:37 am

    Based on the Guardian’s reporting – that ONE student was involved – the BPD response sure sounds like an over-reaction.

    Confiscating phones is just plain wrong. That kind of stuff needs to be stopped.

    EDITOR NOTE– So far we have confirmed it was indeed a single student, but he was “a big one.” The officer involved called for assistance at one time during the two or three minute confrontation, no doubt triggering the massive response when his brothers heard the breathless request.

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Apr 28, 2014, 11:43 am

    I could not find anything on this incident on The Idaho Statesman website nor on Channel 7’s website. Aren’t they supposed to cover the news? Or isn’t local government misconduct considered news any more?

    EDITOR NOTE–Honestly, we have a little looser policy. We allow anonymous sources and we will quote or link to other sites. When we quote sources, we pretty well have it nailed and know the source. Sometimes–like this incident–teachers, students, and coppers don’t want their names involved, but they want the facts to be known to the public. If an “unauthorized” source gets reprimanded or fired, you can bet he or she will never share again.

    The legacy media requires “attribution by name,” or “on camera” interviews. That policy often gets in the way of timely reporting, but the intent of being a “credible source,” is a worthy goal. We have requested the dispatch audio, computer notations, and hopefully the “chatter” on the mobile police computers in the cars. Our intent is to determine if it was indeed an “over response” or justified based on the known facts. Transparency on the part of coppers tends to increase the public faith in the system.

  9. Wait…the video I saw it was just 2 grown men on a HS kid… how many showed up?

  10. Just after the truth huh? Give us a break.

  11. 2 cops there and 12 cars with lights and sirens… to subdue 1 teenager…. BPD needs better cops

  12. I am saddened by what has transpired at Frank Church. My son wanted to graduate early, didn’t care for a traditional school setting and choose to go there. He’s been there since he was 14 and actually likes it there…now he’s 18. What no one is mentioning is that this boy in the video had been thrown out of his home the night before, slept in an alley, went to school the next day and kept falling asleep in class and in the hall. My question is WHY was this counselor so busy telling students to turn off their cell phones instead of doing her job which is to HELP students. What a failure on the part of Frank Church..I’m not surprised at all by the actions of the Boise Police Department…I expect it from them. The cell phone policy at this school is unrestricted during breaks and lunch. The response on the part of the school is what concerns me the most. If the counselor really felt that the video recording was oy making a bad situation worse and that was her rationale for telling students to stop, then so be it. However be open about it…not acting like there’s something sinister to hide…which is how it appears.

  13. Rod in SE Boise
    Apr 28, 2014, 8:09 pm

    Part of my first comment referred to confiscation of phones. At that time I assumed the BPD had confiscated the phones. It turns out the phones were confiscated by the school. That’s still not right but FAR less egregious than the cops confiscating phones.

  14. Cambria… Having people not care what this kid went thru is appalling. It is however better than what I assumed would happen. I figured that the major part of the attack would be directed toward the boy instead of where it belongs.
    As I see it there are 2 issues here… 1 the totally pathetic way the school reacted.. and 2 BPD’s response. I would expect that those who are paid to teach our kids would be intelligent enough to act appropriately in this type situation.

  15. John Doe Educator
    Apr 28, 2014, 11:27 pm

    I taught summer school at an alternative program for three years and currently work in a very alternative school. I can attest to how quick a student can escalate and the need to have a large response and show of force. One summer, I had a student in class start choking another student, this situation required physical intervention by me (I’m a large, strong man) and I was tossed around like a rag doll. It took the SRO and I both to control this student enough so handcuffs could be used. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident I described. In my current role, even a normal sized high school student can require physical intervention by two to four grown men – this is the reality for which we live. One incident, much like the one in the video, can turn into multiple incidents. Some students in an alternative setting will make a choice to start a riot. If multiple police officers hadn’t responded and a riot broke out, this blog would be up in arms.

  16. Wow, what a difference. The commenters on this site whine about the police response to what at the time was a fight at the school with the SRO. Yet if you check the link below about the High School girl stabbed to death a few days ago; you will not see one complaint about the number of responders. Most of you commenters are (NAME CALLING DELETED) wow
    No punches thrown by the officer, no taser involved, so shooting, no kicking, only trying to put the students hands behind his back for handcuffs after he was told he was under arrest for punching the officer in the face.
    Wake up and realize Boise is not Mayberry. Most of you will not understand my reference.

  17. Cameras are very important in protecting our rights. Schools don’t teach about rights anymore, so not surprised at all.

  18. Unreal, the officer does his job, and some of you still slam on him. A 17 year old is usually a developed man, as the John Doe Educator said, it can take 2 to 4 people to handle one. This wasn’t an out of control 3rd grader, this was a student like others we have read about nationwide that do harm and could kill others. The officer was using control techniques, no punches, no weapons etc. . He handled it well.

  19. Did u watch the video? And Boise is not like your used to in So Cal it’s a whole lot more like Mayberry RFD

  20. My Two Cents
    Apr 29, 2014, 12:35 pm

    With all due respect, after watching the video, I just don’t see all the “abuse.” The kid keeps fighting back, and the cops I saw in the video were just using wrestling holds. I read that the SRO and another staff person had already been punched in the face by this kid. I see no hitting with a nightstick, no kicking, nothing that I normally would consider inappropriate police overreaction. I guess I’m missing something here, but honestly, the kid appeared to be out of control (perhaps he had suffered personal issues, as another commentator mentions, and I am sorry for that, but he still needed to be subdued). What is the outrageous police conduct that everyone is so upset about? What am I missing here?

  21. I think the cops did fine in this little clip… perhaps put themselves in more risk than need be by not taszing him etc. Guardian, tell us more about the initial encounter and how it got to this point? Also talk to us about the deadly statistics for wrecks on a code three. Was there any call-jumping? Call-jumping code three is really not cool.

  22. Interested Citizen
    Apr 29, 2014, 2:54 pm

    Is the BPD that bloated and overstaffed??

    EDITOR NOTE– I got the dispatch log and audio of the incident and it appears the officer simply called for help and policy is when a copper needs help, the coppers come a running. It would be a fair question why a “code 4” (all ok) wasn’t declared sooner, but I think BPD is not aware of the importance the public puts on massive gatherings of emergency vehicles. To them it was just a routine call with a rowdy kid. To many folks it is like a brigade-sized assault.

    As to the actual fight, the copper showed restraint by not using taser, etc.

    As to the “felony” charges, if cool heads prevail–as they should–it will be reduced.

  23. As I mentioned in my post what concerns me the most is the reaction of the school in this incident. In the letter that was sent to parents they say it is “a Boise Police Department matter”…not exactly. Watching the video you see the school security officer pulling this kid’s hair. Notice the vice principal step in a tell him to stop, that’s enough. The other issue that bothers me is the counselor telling the kids to stop the video and at the end demands their videos…my question is…why? It obviously backfired. I’m glad the one video got out! On a side note…BPD is attempting damage control. In the four years my son has been there not once have I, as a parent, received a smile, a wave, a “hello” from any officers there. Well today I dropped my son off after lunch and the resource officer was standing probably 5 feet away…I made sure I gave my son a hug, a kiss told him I loved him and I would be there after school and you bet I made sure he heard every word! As I sat in my car watching my son go inside, he actually came up to the window, looked at our puppy and said, “What a cute girl…we are Dachshund people too”. After all…perception is everything!

  24. Those saying one guy should have been enough to take down a 17 year old male who is throwing punches have never been in a real fight.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the officer could have thrown a punch or two and gone for a knockout Chuck Norris style to end it quick, but then we would all be screaming “police brutality” and “excessive force”.

    Instead he called for backup and tried to subdue him. Now we are all upset that more than one officer had to show up while still screaming “excessive force”.

    Why are kids allowed to have or pull out cell phones while in school anyway? Aren’t they supposed to be there for learning. Oh wait, it’s Frank Church.

    I’m confused and this is too much drama for me, I’m going back to sleep.

  25. Are you kidding…the vast majority of the problems in Boise ARE the southern californians …..on and off the force.

  26. This is a non story. Please do not wake me up again. Nothing to see here folks, move along please…

  27. I guess I Ned my eyes checked… I have not seen one post that says what happened in the video was going to far. I really think having a high speed parade of about 1/4 of the cops on patrol that days was over the top though.

  28. I know I will get spanked for this but Rick, you always think the police are “over the top” and wrong, so before I get told off by the Editor, Goodbye!

  29. The flow of comments reflect the emotional nature of this story. We all need to learn to be less reactive and be a little more patient to let the whole story develop. Bottom line, when a person has to be subdued it’s not a pretty site to see the struggle that happens. I’m sure that the students filming it would immediately think it’s excessive. I don’t know if any of the posters have been punched in the face, I played hockey and know how it feels. A punch to the face is a good reason to restrain someone. And as one of the posters mentioned, these aren’t elementary or middle school students. High School students can be big and very hard to handle….. Next time, lets all be a little more patient before we blame LEO, School Admins, or the kid involved…… Hopefully this cry for help will get him the help he needs…..

  30. And sal you are always ok with what ever they do… so we differ in our opinion of what is right and wrong in le.

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