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Clancy Sends Charity “May Day”

By Clancy Anderson

I am a volunteer and board member of Recreation Unlimited. Recreation Unlimited is an adaptive ski program at Bogus Basin for children and adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities. Our trained volunteer instructors are familiar with the challenges that physical, neuro-muscular and developmental impairments present. We offer a safe and exciting experience tailored to the student’s needs and designed to make the most of their abilities.

Please take a moment to read this story about Lizzie, submitted by her mom. Following that is information about Idaho Gives on May 1.
Thank you, Clancy

Lizzie’s Story

I will never forget the first time I saw Lizzie coming down Coach. Deep in my heart, I had not been sure she would ever learn to ski. Her lack of balance, strength, muscle tone, coordination, patience, and attention span were issues that had worked against her in so many different contexts. That was seven years ago. This year she was given the Lacey’s Wings award. Now, she can ski faster than her dad or I. She has developed so much confidence. She now goes up the Morning Star chairlift by herself, skis to the bottom ahead of us, and is there waiting for us to finally make it down.

Because there was a place for Lizzie to learn to ski, our whole family started skiing again. It is something fun that we can do together.

We have also shared happy times with other adaptive skiers and their families. We witness the utter joy when a new student navigates Coach for the first time; and we remember how our hearts soared the first time we saw our daughter coming down that hill. We want you to know how important this program has been to our family. And we want to say thank you one more time to all of the instructors, supporters, and volunteers who make this program happen. Thank you for helping Lizzie learn to ski.

Idaho Gives
Idaho Gives is a special day for philanthropy across Idaho. A day for nonprofits to tell their stories and share the work that enriches communities throughout our state. A day for Idahoans to come together with one voice of support for our nonprofits, big and small. A day for you to find your passion, donate to your favorite causes and share in the excitement!

Join us here on May 1, 2014 to make a contribution to the nonprofits you love.

Idaho Gives main page: Idaho Gives
Idaho Gives- Recreation Unlimited

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