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G-BAD Seeks To Skirt Voter Approval For Debt

The Greater Boise Auditorium District (G-BAD) is tiptoeing around the law once again. This time they are aiming to deprive voters of their constitutional right to approve long term debt for a $38 million dollar kitchen and ballroom. Article VIII, Sec 3 of the Idaho Constitution requires a vote of the people to approve debt. […]

Bikeboy’s Gentle Communication To ACHD

Frequent contributor “BIKEBOY” and long winded resident bike expert offers expertise on the bike lanes. Dear ACHD: I’m writing to share some observations about the “bike lane experiment” in downtown Boise. (I completed the online survey as well, but it didn’t allow for any details.) I’ve now ridden my bicycle along every inch of the […]

Ada Coroner Upset Highlights Need For State Medical Examiner

Ex-sheriff’s deputy Mike Chilton won a three way vote for the post of Ada County Coroner in the Tuesday primary. He defeated a former restaurateur who campaigned with signs showing dripping blood, and the current deputy coroner, Robert Karinen. There are mixed takes on how the Ada Coroner office has evolved under Erwin Sonnenberg, who […]

Letter To ACHD Leaves Little Doubt

The following letter was one of the thousands received by the Ada County Highway District regarding the bike lane experiment currently underway. The Boise City Council is the motivating force behind the experiment and ACHD is conducting the survey as well as switching the traffic patterns. While “little congestion” has been encountered, it should be […]

Bikes vs Car Lanes Remains Undecided

UPDATED POST 5/22/14 Boise’s City council has passed a resolution asking to make the bike lanes permanent. The ACHD has offered to revisit any decisions at a June 4 meeting. A KBOI radio’s Nate Shelman launched a “no” campaign which triggered a big turnout of bike advocates at the ACHD Wednesday meeting. We noticed Capitol […]

Vietnam: A Country, Not Just A War

BY DAVE FRAZIER GUARDIAN editor First order of business on my tour of Saigon (many still use the traditional name rather than the official “Ho Chi Minh City”) was to visit the old neighborhood where I lived in enlisted quarters. As soon as I lumbered off the back of the small motor scooter, a crowd […]

Simplot, Gardner Projects Differ In Funding

The announcement by the J. R. Simplot Company to build a nine story headquarters at 11th and Front while Gardner plans a new project at 8th and Main brings to mind the differences in funding. Simplot’s project won’t depend on public money like the Gardner project which depends of lots of public money–just for the […]

Here is the official word on primary election early voting from Ada County Elections. Early Voting in Ada County will be open on Saturday, May 10, 2014. · Hours are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm County’s early voting site is located at: · 400 N Benjamin Lane, Boise Voters are asked to bring photo identification. […]

Candidate Election Space

Keeping with the long standing policy of the GUARDIAN, we will offer free space for candidates and supporters. As I make the offer, I am in communist Vietnam looking at a red flag with a yellow star. –Dave Frazier, editor ACHD Commish Sara Baker sent the following on behalf of Ada Treasurer Vicky McIntyre. When […]

Boise Coppers Bike Safety Car Is Mobile Billboard

Boise coppers have unveiled a car with more bumper stickers than a Republican Primary, but these messages are aimed at promoting bike safety. Timing is everything with these promotions and the car lead a parade May Day and May is also bike month. Let’s hope the cars and bikes can avoid contact while still being […]

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