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Keeping with the long standing policy of the GUARDIAN, we will offer free space for candidates and supporters. As I make the offer, I am in communist Vietnam looking at a red flag with a yellow star. –Dave Frazier, editor

ACHD Commish Sara Baker sent the following on behalf of Ada Treasurer Vicky McIntyre.

When election time comes around, most of us concentrate on the “big” elections like governor or county commissioner. But there is a very important job that keeps Ada County solvent one rarely hears anything about – Ada County Treasurer. Without the work of collecting and disbursing taxes to cities and other districts, cops wouldn’t be paid, roads wouldn’t be paved, and schools couldn’t open.

Vicky McIntyre has been the Ada County Treasurer for the last four years. You never hear much about her office because she does her job with honesty and integrity and an eye towards what’s best for Ada County taxpayers. In fact, you’ll never meet someone with more ability to do the job of Treasurer well.

In this very bad investment climate with pitifully low interest rates, Vicky made the county $5 Million on the investment portfolio. How much did the Ada County budget show she should have made? $1.5 million. Vicky exceeded that by a whopping 233%! The Ada County Board of Commissioners hired FTN Financial to do an analysis of Vicky’s performance. The report showed Vicky’s results were stellar and surpassed large cities like San Francisco and LA and large counties like Orange County California, all of which are much much larger than Ada County Idaho.

This $5 million is money Ada County taxpayers don’t have to pay. Oh, and she also saved taxpayers almost $300,000 by doing things differently in the Treasurer’s Office.

Honest, hardworking, great personal integrity and a great financial mind. What more could you ask for in someone entrusted with safeguarding your tax dollars.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Vicky McIntyre for Ada County Treasurer on May 20. To find out more, go to

Sara Baker
Ada County Highway District Commissioner District 5

She’s running against Stephanie Wierschem, who has not participated in the statesman voter guide. She is a third grade charter school teacher. Any experience other than that is unknown.

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  1. Richard Evensen
    May 6, 2014, 2:17 am

    I have no reason to question that Ms. McIntyre does a fine job. I agree that handling the millions of dollars in tax payments and disbursing them accurately is an important responsibility.
    The part that “Vicky made the county $5 Million on the investment portfolio” does deserve a bit of explanation. My assumption is that the money was simply deposited in the State of Idaho short term investment pool and withdrawn and paid out when needed. The pool has returned very good returns as the stock market averages have achieved
    record levels over and over recently. Is the real explanation as simple as that?

  2. My Two Cents
    May 6, 2014, 1:13 pm

    Let us not forget Vicky came into office under Sharon Ullman’s guiding hand. Vicky was Sharon’s treasurer when Sharon ran for governor. And when Vicky ran for treasurer, interestingly, Cecil Ingram mysteriously withdrew from the race shortly after her filing for the position, leaving Vicky unopposed and not even having to spend a dime to campaign. I always wondered what really went on there and whether Ingram was pushed out in some way. Anyone who is a buddy of Sharon Ullman’s deserves more careful scrutiny than an endorsement from Sara Baker, another long-term Ullman croney.

  3. Vicky McIntyre is a proven and effective Ada County Treasurer.

    How many public servants have an open-door policy and publish their office phone number for the public to contact? Treasurer McIntyre invites the public to call her directly, with their questions, at 208.287.6801. Vicky McIntyre brings a high level of integrity and openness to public service and the elected office.

    Meeting Treasurer Vicky McIntyre at various business and political events, I have been very impressed by the Treasurer’s expertise in business, finance, accounting and management. Treasurer McIntyre is a true “can do” person, a great listener, appreciates interacting with the public and is a good fiscal manager for Ada County.

    Please re-elect Vicky McIntyre as your Ada County Treasurer by voting for her on May 20, 2014.

  4. Grumpy ole guy
    May 6, 2014, 11:04 pm

    Do Guardian readers need to be reminded that political campaigns are often referred to as “the silly season”?

  5. Richard, Idaho Code §57-101 empowers the County Treasurer to invest surplus or idle funds in instruments and investments permitted by Idaho Code §67-1210. The Ada County portfolio is distributed as follows: Gov’t Agencies = 46.8%, Municipals = 8.5%, Cash or cash equivalent = 10%, Idaho State Pool = 23.7%, Diversified Bond Bund = 11%.

    It is her active management of the investments that has allowed her to gain an extra $3.5 million for the taxpayers. If all she did was invest with the State, the County Commissioners would not have hired someone to review her performance, which as has already been stated, has been stellar. I hope this clears up your misperception.

  6. Richard – Maybe you should check out the Ada County Investment Policy. Section 4 of Resolution 1755, provides that Vicky may invest in many types of investments, such as: U.S. bonds and treasury bills, Idaho municipal bonds (state or local), Federal Credit bonds, Idaho public corporations, in addition to LGIP. The majority of interest earnings made under the direction of Treasurer McIntyre were from investments other than LGIP. These reports are public record and can be found online at Next time you might, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

  7. BnE how closely are you associated with “Vicky”? It seems you were offended by a simple question, which will only feed those who assume that there is something nefarious going on.

  8. Richard Evensen
    May 13, 2014, 2:04 pm

    Sara Baker: Thank you for your informative explanation. It does indeed politely answer my simple non accusatory question.

    B n E: You are rude and abrasive. Your comment reflects badly on the candidate.

  9. Kendra Kenyon, Ph.D.
    May 14, 2014, 10:44 am

    I have had the privilege of getting to know Vicky as a member of the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Boise team. Vicky has demonstrated hard work,integrity and passion for our community. She has the organizational and financial skills required of the job, but just as important is her courage and openness to ask the tough questions when no one else will. She has always stood up for taxpayers and their rights. I totally trust and respect Vicky and her abilities as Ada County Treasurer and I fully encourage you to vote for her.

  10. Politics is confusing to me.. Steve Wynn the vegas billionaire is backing Butch… and Dr Kenyon a CEO of a company in Santa Barbra and a member of the Santa Barbra Rotary club and Boise Chamber is backing Miss Vicky. Are there any Idahoans who can speak as to Miss Vicky’s qualifications, besides Mrs. Baker?

  11. According to Denney’s sunshine report his campaign paid the Duck Dynasty $50K to come here. The campaign also paid $53K to use the Idaho Center.

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