Loose Moose Putters Around Golf Course

Boise Moose (2)
Boise police chief Mike Masterson likes to brag to his former colleagues back in Wisconsin about living in the wilds of Idaho where his officers have responded to animal calls within the city concerning, cougars, deer, elk, bear, coyotes. Now he can add a loose moose to the list.

On Tuesday June 10, 2014, Fish and Game conservation officers, biologists, and Boise coppers responded to reports of a moose wandering around a southeast Boise neighborhood. The yearling female moose was spotted in various locations including Warm Springs Golf Course.

Because the moose had been slowly moving closer to town, Southwest Regional Wildlife Manager Craig White made the decision to tranquilize it, and relocate it. The moose was taken out of the city and moved to a more remote location off Highway 21.

“The moose was moving into a narrower corridor along the Boise River,” said Conservation Officer Bill London “As it moves closer to town it becomes dangerous for the moose and for the public.”

Fish and Game officers received assistance from the Ada County Dive Team as the moose swam across the Boise River. Boise Police also assisted with crowd control.

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  1. And how is this Bieter’s fault?

    EDITOR NOTE–Enjoy it while it lasts. Team Dave isn’t all bad, they just need some supervision.

  2. ……….as do his minions. He probably put it on his resume as well. Wisconsin is calling………..don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

  3. I’m not so sure installing the moose lanes is working out…LOL

  4. So? Can a tranquilized moose swim better than a tranquilized bear can climb? Now we know.

  5. LUCKY moose! Most of the cougars, deer, elk, bear, coyotes, etc. that get the attention of the local constabulary end up with their faces hanging on the wall someplace.

  6. So what does moose meat taste like? chicken?

  7. Surprisingly BPD didn’t take out the threat right off… I’m sure the moose failed to obey verbal commands grounds for Killin right there

  8. Rick, Rick, Rick, get off the BPD hate train!

    EDITOR NOTE–We agree, but allowed the comment since we brought up the humor of the chief’s game list. Properly placed barbs are easy to defend, but enough is enough. Please say you’re sorry Rick.

  9. I have to say I get a kick out of the BPD cliches about killing animals. In the grand scheme of things, a couple of dogs that may or may not have been aggressive against officers and were…well….sent to doggie heaven……seems completely meaningless as I watch the news from Arizona, Chicago and elsewhere. Grow up Boise and maybe your police department will too……..with a new Chief.

  10. otay… me soo sorry… it’s just soo easy to poke at ’em…

  11. Believe me……I KNOW. They have earned every smirk we can give them.

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