Airport Retail Contractor Offers “Extras” With Bid

Boise City Councilors Tuesday approved without discussion an agreement with an airport retail concession vendor which includes making annual “donations” to a private non-profit group and Boise Parks.

Buried in the proposal is a kick back offer to the city. George Prentice of the BOISE WEEKLY waded through the 1300-plus-page agenda and found this gem:

“To sweeten the deal, Paradies-Taters is also promising to make commitments to the Boise Parks and Recreation Department (through its Adopt-a-Park program), make annual donations to the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley and participate in the Treat Our Troops program, delivering items to local military support organizations.”

We have no quarrels with any of those groups, but wonder if Paradies-Taters would have been the successful bidder had they offered to donate to the National Rifle Association, University of Idaho or an anti-war group.

The deal is part of a major expansion of the retail outlets on the concourse. Some of the stores include:

The River 94.9 FM store will sell newspapers, magazines, beverages, apparel, electronic gadgets and grab-and-go items from the Boise Co-op.

The Idaho Statesman store will (hopefully) sell newspapers, snacks and gadgets, as well as local beers and wines. Beer, wine, and news–a great combo.

“The Greenbelt: It’s a Boise Thing” store will offer several local vendors, with four distinct sections: apparel and gifts from Boise State University, grab-and-go selections from the Boise Co-op, wine and beer from Payette Brewing and Williamson Orchards, and an electronic gadget location, featuring Apple products. Additionally, a large HD display will promote notable landmarks such as the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Hawks Stadium and the Greenbelt.

The CNBC Store (one of these is already at the airport) will sell the usual selection of magazines, snacks and gadgets, but apparently no beer and wine.

We are amazed no one from the Council or from the City Attorney office questioned the ethics of accepting kick backs as part of a contract.

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  1. The River has terrible ratings. (Among the lowest in town).

    The Idaho Statesman has double digit circulation declines

    Let’s open a store!!

    Not much of a strategy kids.

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