Incumbent ACHD Commish To Run

Ada County Highway District (ACHD) Commissioner Mitch Jaurena (how-ray-nah) announced today he is running for election to retain his seat on the ACHD Commission for Sub District 4.
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According to his press release, Jaurena was appointed to the Commission in June of 2012 after Dave Case was selected by the Governor to fill a vacancy on the Ada County Commission. Jaurena served 21 years in the US Marine Corps and has extensive background in planning, development, environmental compliance and project management both from his military service as well as in private business.

“Ada County, south of the freeway, is the largest and most diverse part of our county in terms of transportation needs. It sits on the fringe of the Treasure Valley’s urban areas, yet until recently has remained mostly rural with a significant farming demographic. Now the landscape is changing and the district is starting to feel the pressure of development north of Lake Hazel. Additionally, Kuna at the southern edge of the county continues to grow and needs a strong advocate at ACHD so that economic development opportunities don’t pass them by because of transportation challenges.

Entire announcement follows.

I have highlighted these needs in the last two years and have directed greater investments in roads, sidewalks and safe routes to schools within the area. I have built critical relationships with legislators and city representatives to ensure that my District gets the consideration and resources it needs. I’m seeking to retain my seat because the work I’ve begun over the last two years is not yet complete and I am eager to see our transportation infrastructure better meet the needs of this growing and changing district.”
Commissioner Jaurena’s election bid is supported and endorsed by Senator Russ Fulcher and Representative John Vander Woude, both Legislators from the District, as well as Ada County Commissioners Dave Case and Jim Tibbs. Meridian Councilmember David Zaremba, Kuna Mayor Greg Nelson, Kuna Council President Richard Cardoza, and Kuna Councilmember Joe Stear have officially endorsed and pledged to support his race.
Ada County Commissioner Dave Case said while commenting on the election, “I fully support Mitch Jaurena as he has provided excellent service and representation for the citizens while serving as a Commissioner of the Ada County Highway District. He maintains a solid conservative approach while at the same time getting things done. Please join me in my support by voting for Mitch as your Ada County Highway District Commissioner”
For more information on Mitch Jaurena’s views check out his Facebook link at:

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  1. Ugh! Has the ACHD commissioner election become a political position now? Judging by all the endorsements he’s peppered his announcement with, this guy is obviously billing himself as the Republican candidate. Oddly, he also seems to be the anti-Boise candidate. What gives??

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