Leap Before You Look, Cart Before Horse…

Don Day points out on Twitter the irony of Boise officials offering a prize to youngsters under 12 for their creative ideas of what to do with City Hall Plaza.

The prize for the winning idea is a free pass to Roaring Springs Water Park… in MERIDIAN!

This type of logic is infectious with Boise leaders. Each April they meet with the Chamber of Commerce folks to figure out how to attract visitors and companies to Boise and the Treasure Valley…the gatherings are held in SUN VALLEY or McCALL!

The possibilities are endless. Proposals for art at the new Boise transit center can be rewarded with dinner/movie tickets to the Village Cinema at Meridian with second prize a tour of the Eagle greenbelt.

Everything is a matter of perspective. The Boise airport is fond of announcing — and promoting — new flights to places like Southern California, Houston, or Chicago. Imagine the headlines, TV coverage, and hype in those metropolitan markets: “You can now reach Boise, Idaho DIRECT!”

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  1. I’m not trying to nitpic here, because I think it’s unfortunate that the city doesn’t have an attraction like roaring springs in Boise, but it isn’t actually ironic. Ironic is a very commonly misused word – you’re in good company. Unfortunate, yes – ironic, no.

    EDITOR NOTE–Biker, we saw the irony as Boise’s (large sense) intent was to promote interest and attention to BOISE City Hall. The event IRONICALLY backfired by ultimately calling attention to a venue in Meridian. We agree on amusing as well.

  2. Idea for City Hall: Close it all but four hours a week.

  3. My point was more that we have city pools here in town, funded at least in part by tax dollars. Shouldn’t the prize be for something we all already pay for?

    Roaring Springs is a great place, and a pass is a great prize. I guess I remember my summers at the South & Borah pools fondly, and think that would be a great prize as well.

  4. Here’s the thing, I get what you are saying regarding the prize should be in the city but what drives me absolutely nuts in this valley is the fact that we treat ourselves as little city silos rather than a valley. And what is good for Boise is good for Eagle is good for Meridian and so forth. Yes, it would be great if the city of Boise had a Roaring Springs sort of attraction but they don’t. Let’s start thinking as a valley not just as the city of Boise, Meridian, etc.

  5. Mary Pasley
    Jul 11, 2014, 9:40 am

    Let’s think of all the things “youngsters under 12” would like to do.
    A fun day at Zoo Boise for you and 7 of your friends.
    An ice cream party for you and 7 of your friends at Goody’s in Hyde Park.
    A fun day at the Discovery Center for you and 7 of your friends and lunch at Red Robin in Parkcenter.
    I think you get the idea.
    Great article!

  6. Add to the point that Roaring Springs is EXPENSIVE! So what is the family of the winner going to do?

    How about just winning a shweeeet bicycle….

    Boise Police have in the past hosted Big Brother/Sister kids at Roaring Park.

  7. Still not ironic. For example, it would be ironic if they were giving away a prize to promote Boise city, and the prize was an event that demotes Boise city. Irony is when the opposite thing that was intended happens – Roaring Springs falls into that category.

  8. Perhaps Roaring Springs is a “safe” facility unlike many City of Boise recreational sites. Want to avoid a lawsuit. That is smart thinking!

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