Guardian Editor Files Against GBAD

Government watchdog David R. Frazier has filed legal documents in 4th District Court against the Greater Boise Auditorium District, claiming the District is attempting to go around voters with a financing scheme which violates the Idaho Constitution.

In a response to the GBAD “Petition For Judicial Confirmation,” Frazier alleges the district is seeking to go into long term debt, but call the plan to purchase a ball room and kitchen in the new Gardner building a “lease” in an attempt to avoid an election as required by Article VIII, sec 3 of the Idaho constitution.

“The issue before the court is the convoluted financing scheme envisioned by GBAD, using the Capital City Development Corp. as the seller of $23 million in bonds while basing the bond sale on the credit rating and repayment ability of GBAD,” said Frazier.

The constitution requires subdivisions of the state government (cities, counties, taxing districts) to get citizen approval before entering into debt of more than a single year.

According to Frazier, Ada County financed the courthouse in a similar fashion.
He said the Ada County Courthouse is currently owned by the CCDC and Ada County Commissioners announced last week they plan to pay off the debt early, saving taxpayers more than $6 million. They are really writing a check to CCDC while claiming to “pay off bonds” which previous commissioners claimed were not a debt, but a lease.

The case is set for a hearing in Fourth District Court August 4.

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  1. So they find and “extra” $37 million laying around? Now we know why the sheriff wants his cut of the slush fund and wants to build a new dispatch center and pretty new place to play.

    Every wonder why your Ada County property taxes are as high as they are? This is why!

    Next thing we know we will be hearing about how the Sheriff spends money like a drunken sailor and the commissioners and the county purchasing department let him do it. hint hint

  2. Grumpy ole Guy
    Jul 24, 2014, 9:17 pm

    Thanks Dave, not just for the tax dollar concerns, but the “concept” concern preservation. Glad you’ve once again stepped up and spoken out on behalf of the tax-paying public.


  3. don’t talk bad about the sheriff… youll get a time out like I did

  4. chicago sam
    Jul 25, 2014, 7:51 am

    There you go again trying to uphold the Constitution and making govt. entities be more fiscally responsible. Go get em

  5. Who’s your attorney?

  6. Rick – when the AG’s office starts their investigation into the Sheriffs purchasing practices and relationships and vendors gifts and gratuities it will the Sheriff (and maybe the commissioners) that are going to get the time out.

  7. Good job man… how can we help pay your lawyer bill?

    EDITOR NOTE–Just click on the green DONATE button on the right of the main page. Not tax deductible, but I promise any funds will be put to good use.

  8. B/4 GBAD built current center they said local hotels could handle groups up to 600, they wanted to get the next market of 600 to 1,500. Now they want something larger. I’m not in the district but am curious as to how the attendance has been and can’t locate a record of that. Does anyone know?

  9. Columbo- Just one more question...
    Jul 31, 2014, 11:43 am

    Godspeed! I have had enough of these institutional playhouses that produce nothing but select business for service only industries within narrow corridors of activity. Downtown Boise is not the center of the Universe. Some of us would like some work near where WE live. Of course, we only matter when it’s tax collection time.

  10. Did anything exciting happen in court? I was told the was a hearing last Friday August 8th. Kind of expected news coverage.

    EDITOR NOTE–Oral arguments were made in support and reply of previous briefs. Judge Moody will issue a decision in the future. So, nothing to report until we hear from the court.

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