Another ACHD Candidate Announces…

When John Franden announced his decision to not seek re-election, he touched off a flurry of candidate announcements for his seat.
Stephanie Blake,the latest to announce, is no stranger to the Ada County Highway District. She was Secretary of the Board and Executive Assistant.

Here is her announcement:

Stephanie Blake Announces Sub District 3 Candidacy 

Former Ada County Highway District (ACHD) Secretary of the Board and Executive Assistant, Stephanie Blake, announced her candidacy in the Sub District 3 Commission race. Blake came to ACHD after working for Senator Crapo in his State office. She seeks the northern most seat in Ada County, which encompasses the portions of Star, Eagle, Garden City and Boise that generally lies to the north of the Boise River. Outgoing Commission President John Franden announced his retirement this spring.

Blake’s hands-on experience and knowledge of the ACHD organization, partnerships, funding, key issues and challenges situates her to hit the ground running in addressing the diverse needs of the tax payers in Sub District 3 and Ada County at large. While at ACHD, Blake not only served as the Secretary of the Board and Executive Assistant, but also as a member of the Executive Management Team and was an integral part of the Capital Investment Citizens Advisory Committee which had the statutory responsibility to provide recommendations on impact fee structures and capital investments.

“I firmly believe that the ACHD Commission should provide impact fee relief in the form of lower rates for small and large businesses who are looking to establish themselves in our downtown cores,” Blake stated.

“We need a new voice on the ACHD Commission – a fresh voice that is untarnished by tainted political histories. I grew up in Ada County and am now raising my daughter here. I am running for the District 3 seat because I can bring strong, service-minded leadership coupled with fresh perspectives. I look down the road and see the need for leadership that will diligently preserve and enhance the character of our unique communities with transportation solutions that fit those community needs – not simply using a blanket approach that is be uniformly applied. District 3 needs an ally who will listen to the needs of each of the communities and work to bring about the right decisions. I am a forward thinker, eager to see more strategic investments in our transportation infrastructure – not only for vehicles, but also improved sidewalk connectivity and pedestrian crossings, bike lanes, safer routes to local schools for our children, and greater access for the disabled. The ACHD Commission should be looking to leave a legacy of stewardship, openness and forward thinking – seeking to better anticipate and serve the needs of this generation and those that follow. I seek to serve on the ACHD Commission so that I can ensure that those goals are achieved. “

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  1. I don’t see any value in having someone from inside the ACHD on the Board. The board should represent the citizens, not the ACHD.

    EDITOR NOTE–I think she is a FORMER staffer.

  2. Bieter begone
    Aug 13, 2014, 4:48 pm

    Erico – better than a Bieter Borg boy. ACHD already has one of those.

  3. Just another Government worker looking for a better government job.

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