ACHD Road Budget Set For Approval

The Ada County Highway District is holding the line on taxes and plans to approve the upcoming $97 million budget at an August 26 meeting.

Here are some highlights for 2015 projects:

–Avenue E, South End to West 4th Street – $226,000 – Build sidewalks, bike lanes, and curbs and gutters to fill gaps and increase safety on West Main Street, North Avenue E and Bridge Avenue in Kuna.

–Bogus Basin Road Improvements – $2.8 million – Resurface and improve Bogus Basin from Milepost 3 to Milepost 9 to increase safety, including additional guardrails, turnouts and signage.

–Downtown Boise Implementation Plan – $2.7 million – Resurface and convert some streets from one-way to two-way operation and add bicycle facilities in conjunction with Boise City and the Capitol City Development Corp.

–Eagle Road/McMillan Road Intersection – $2.9 million – Rebuild and widen intersection to increase capacity and safety, including improved sidewalks and bike lanes.

–Floating Feather Road, Meridian Road to Ballantyne Lane – $500,000 – Build a five-foot-wide sidewalk on the north side of road and widen road shoulder for bike lanes to increase safety and connectivity around Eagle Middle School and Eagle High School.

–Fairview Avenue, East of 3rd Street to Locust Grove Road – $297,000 – Fill sidewalk gaps on north and south side of road to improve safety and connectivity.

–Franklin Road, Black Cat to Ten Mile roads, and the Franklin/Black Cat intersection – $3.1 million – Widen road to five lanes with sidewalk, bike lanes, curbs and gutters to improve safety and capacity.

–Hill Road Extension – $4.4 million – Widen road to three lanes and extend west to Old State Street; project to include sidewalks, bike lanes, curbs, gutters, and new bridges at Edgewood and on Hill and includes medians to be landscaped in the future.

–Lake Hazel Extension – $650,000 – Extend road with two lanes from South Solar Way to Cole Road.

–McMillan Road, Locust Grove Road to State Highway 55 (Eagle Road) – $1.5 million – Widen road to five lanes with sidewalk, bike lanes, curbs and gutters, retaining as much existing sidewalk as feasible to improve safety and capacity.

–Owyhee Street, Malad Street to Overland Road – $442,000 – Replace and rehab deteriorating sidewalks and fill gaps to improve safety for Whitney Elementary and South Jr. High students.

–Shamrock Bikeway – $255,000 – From De Meyer Street to Executive Drive, build new, 10 path on unopened right-of-way, new pedestrian crossing at Fairview and Shamrock and add way-finding signage.

–Ten Mile Road, Cherry Lane to Ustick Road – $3.2 million – Widen road to four or five lanes, depending on the section, adding sidewalk, bike lanes, curbs and gutters. Build an emergency signal and a pedestrian signal at Teter Street.

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  1. Grumpy ole Guy
    Aug 18, 2014, 9:35 pm

    I certainly do not envy ACHD their role. It seems that they have a never ending role to anticipate a need that is ever-changing, without any real power to predict or control the changes which determine the the factors which cause the needs and changes. These all seem to be important safety projects and scratches on the surface of the total needs. Too bad their magic wands and money trees are not working.

  2. Grumpy ole Guy, Sure it’s a tough job, but ACHD is well entrenched in the planning process.
    For the last 20 years West Ada has been developing at gang-buster speed. Yet a drive down the full length of Cloverdale shows ya our roads out there are hosed-up. The need on Cloverdale is not ‘ever-changing’ and ACHD owns and controls 100% of the roads, including seizing (buying) private property as necessary.

    The Lake Hazel Extension listed above is another example… hmmm, maybe that should have been done when they developed that area- with developer impact fees.

    Instead ACHD makes a 5 lane Whitewater Blvd to go a mile; a 5 & 6 lane bridge going to Harris Ranch to benefit 1 developer; a downtown Meridian cluster; a PR department bigger than any other agency in the state; and a design team that produces something like the DT bike lanes.

    Meanwhile, M3 and every other major developer holding development land is paying taxes on agricultural land at pennies on the true value.
    Non-ag owners paying taxes at ag rates is a big problem.
    ACHD is not good.

  3. Now if we could just get West-Ada schrewel district (former Meridian district) to tell us what they are gonna do with 104 million. They said they need 60 to build a new school… what’s the rest for.

    And your taxes will go down they say??

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