BSU Coaches SWAT Exercise Video Disappears

After the Idaho Statesman’s Chadd Cripe and the GUARDIAN posted links Tuesday to a YOU TUBE video showing BSU coaches brandishing assault weapons at a Boise police SWAT training facility, the video has suddenly been removed from the YOU TUBE site “by the user.”

We talked to United Dairymen of Idaho spokesperson Cindy Miller Wednesday and she made it clear the Dairymen sponsor the “Bronco All Access” site, but have no control over the content. She said there was no issue regarding the sponsorship of the site. Coach Bryan Harsin appeared in the video saying the SWAT experience could be transferred directly to the gridiron when it came to split second decisions under pressure.

Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson sent a statement to the GUARDIAN extolling the merits of the SWAT team, saying the department was “proud to host” the team building exercise.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m.
Boise State Associate Athletic Director for communications at BSU sent us the following statement explaining the reason for deleting the video:

“Out of respect to the current situation in Ferguson, Mo., we have decided to remove the video from our social media sites.”

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  1. Dale Gribble
    Aug 20, 2014, 2:52 pm

    It was just bad timing with what’s going on in Ferguson.

  2. Video disappears, ombudsman disappears, officers disappear………so much for the “open and transparent” department. If the general public only had an INKLING…………..but the field belongs to the power brokers. And we ALL know who they are “chief”. Don’t we?

  3. Just imagine. A video was pulled after ONE day of relatively minor attention…..and other than the fact that it was rather strange, there was nothing criminal about it. Apply some pressure where it counts….these hypocrites will crack GUARANTEED!

  4. Dale, if Ferguson wasn’t going on, would this then be okay, IYO?

  5. Dale Gribble
    Aug 20, 2014, 3:57 pm

    Easterner – I didn’t get a chance to see the video before it was taken down, but in general I am against police militarization.

    But you have to think it was taken down due to timing, not content, right?

  6. Dale, I think someone at Boise State thinks that was a bad move to do such “team building” and took the video down based on content.

    Bad on BSU. Bad on BPD, IMO.
    The timing just puts a spotlight on it.

    EDITOR NOTE: See the updated note on this post. You are correct.

  7. If ‘saving lives’ is the only objective there are lots of ways to do that- some legal, some not.

    The BSU SWAT video is gone, but this video is still up :

  8. What do football payers grow up to be? Coaches or cops.

    True story: The only two people who ever knocked on a door that said “Do not disturb, newborn infant sleeping” were pandering football players, and cops at the wrong door.

    The footballer was disabled by the pot-roast located between his ears and therefore, after admonishment by an insane over-tired mom, called his school assigned tutor to ask her what the sign said and why football was not exempt.

    This team-building video was about the copper PR person taking advantage of a meat-head coaching staff to make the SWAT team look like a friendly game of paintball.

    I’m certain the coach got a call from his tutor today.

    PS: Chief, how much for a lube, oil, and filter on that truck thingy? How much for a brake and tire change. Today the US Army spends more on Maintaining the M1-Tank than any other part of the army. They wish they didn’t buy so many… Words of wisdom from Johnny Carson who once joked, the M-1 program cost so much that the US Army could buy three Chrysler K-Cars for each man in the Army. Chief please refrain from childish spending and donations. Focus on build trust instead. Teach officers to deescalate. Don’t hire meat-heads. You can’t win anyway, the pen is mightier than the sword.

  9. John Q. Public
    Aug 20, 2014, 5:50 pm

    The statement from the Boise State Associate Athletic Director for communications makes no sense whatsoever.

    “Out of respect for…”?!?

    They took it down because the general public was made aware of its existence and was disgusted by it.

    Citizen Media Strikes Again!

    Entwaffnung der Gestapo!

  10. Goes to show you that even stupid people know when their sh*t stinks.

  11. John Q. Public
    Aug 20, 2014, 8:17 pm

    Michigan Police Force Ditching Army Vehicle That Was Mocked by HBO Comedian . . .

    Citing exorbitant upkeep costs and no real need, the police in Saginaw, Michigan are returning their MRAP to the Pentagon.

    Funny though, how this comes only days after John Oliver made a laughing stock out of them for having it in the first place . . .

  12. Other than a short notice by Cripe of the Statesman that the video is down (he posted it originally), I have seen nothing from the local “journalists.” Either 1. they don’t think it’s important or interesting, and that is not true as evidenced by the number of comments on this blog; or 2. they don’t want to incur the anger of Boise State or the fans by doing their job. Shoddy. Too busy being “personalities” to report the news.

  13. John Q Public, good video find!

  14. Grumpy ole Guy
    Aug 21, 2014, 8:09 pm

    United Dairymen of Idaho. AgGag Bill. SWAT training. Mystery disappearance of a video on YouTube. OH, golly gee, let’s start our own conspiracy theory right now.

  15. Can we arrange for the mayor, team Dave and the city council to disappear?

  16. Apparently Zippo either saw something in the video that no one else did, he has no idea what an M-1 tank is, or he simply likes to state random facts. I most definitely agree this was nothing but a PR stunt and a waste of city money, however at least get your facts straight. There is no tank in the video. Also an MRAP is not a tank. There is no offensive weapons as part of an MRAP, nor on whatever vehicle was in the video. Those machines are used to transport troops and yes you can put men with guns in it, however a tank is not a troop mover, it’s an offensive weapon used to take the fight to the bag guys. Before you try to incite riots with inflammatory words like “tank”, remember if you have no idea what you are talking about you will think a rubber bullet is an ear plug.

  17. Jake, Turn the football tapes off for a moment and pullback a bit… look at the big picture.

    I was talking over your head… I know what I talk about.

    I was drawing an analogy to the Army and their M-1 cost problems. A VERY expensive weapons program and wrong for current and expected future conflicts. (Which is why we’ve given so many to the Egyptian Army and the USMC… no one else wants them, even for free.)

    Thus the analogy: BPD does not need the light armored vehicle otherwise known as MRAP because it’s the wrong tool for the job and it costs way more than several police cruisers to maintain. The army is giving the MRAP away for free because they are so useless other than on a mined road… and have dangerous handling qualities likely to cause accidental deaths on regular roads.

    The BPD has a purpose built SWAT truck (or 2 or 3) which is a lot cheaper to care for and because it is based on a sensible mid-range truck chassis it fits the community better.

    We need SWAT sometimes, but rarely. It has become thuggery out of control nationwide. The facts indicate this statement. Thus they teamed up with BSU coaches hoping the good wholesome reputation of the Blue & Orange would provide them cover.

  18. Zippo I am glad you know what you’re talking about because I think you may be the only one. The M-1 was the most revolutionary weapon of the time and an absolute game changer. Part of the expense is the fact they are built and maintained. You cut out the building and/or purchase and they become cheap, hence the acquiring of the MRAP. And the military doesn’t give stuff away because they don’t want it anymore, they do it to buy more stuff. Because our federal government doesn’t know how to save money and the departments want their budget to stay the same, they discard items and purchase more so as to spend every dollar a year in their budget.
    I don’t know how much the oil changes and maintenance on the MRAP cost, but due to the little utilization it will receive I would guess it is much smaller than purhcasing 30k police cars, up armoring them, and then maintaing those.
    Being a tax payer I would gladly have the department get a free vehicle then waste more money on cars. Also if something ever happens here like the notorious bank robberies in LA that started the whole rifle craze in law enforcement, then I would hope the police show up in an uparmored vehicle so me or my wife can hide behind when we are trying to make a withdrawl.

  19. Interested Citizen
    Aug 26, 2014, 5:40 pm


    I do not remember so many coppers with such low IQs trying to act so tough and menacing against such imaginary threats!!!!!

  20. I’m pleased we have a chief who hears and reacts appropriately, even to those of us with tinfoil hats. I worry about his replacement:

  21. Interested Citizen
    Aug 30, 2014, 7:00 am

    Is this yet just another reprehensible and very wasteful example of OVERPOLICING in my dear Gem of the Mountains???

    Waste taxpayer dollars ONLY at your peril!!!

    EDITOR NOTE–It didn’t work either. BSU still lost to Ole Miss.

  22. PS: BSU sports is going to discover what a rare phenomenon Peterson was. This is a good thing though, cause now they need to focus on education again.

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