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Should Boise CCDC Members Live In Boise?

eberle 1We posted a brief notice last week about Boise City Councilor David Eberele moving from the North End to new digs in Garden City.

He confirmed the move in a front page story a few days later in the DAILY PAPER, saying he planned to remain on Boise’s urban renewal board–CCDC (Capital City Development Corp.).

We thank the good councilor for his service to the community, but frankly we have problems with people from outside our city serving on city boards and making decisions regarding the city. We checked the urban renewal statutes and there is nothing REQUIRING members to live within the confines of a district or the city (county) which serves as the “governing authority” of the district. Still, he was appointed by the mayor of Boise in his capacity as a Boise City Councilor. He told the Statesman it was time for change in his council seat and that philosophy probably is good advice for the CCDC board position as well.

The proper move would be to resign the CCDC post at the same time he vacates the city council seat.

We wish the Team Dave member well in his new Garden City residence where he can no doubt share his wit and wisdom with that local government.

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  1. chicago sam
    Sep 13, 2014, 2:46 pm

    In Nampa there was a firestorm when it was discovered that 3 of the 7 UR board members were from Ada County. All were either in the construction or banking business and had interests in Canyon County but sometimes your perspective is different if you do not have to live and pay for the conditions you have helped create–Like an extra 40 million in debt which your house is not taxed to pay off. If it were a good idea to have out of the area members why not pick the best like a Wallmart executive or someone from Idaho Falls.

    EDITOR NOTE–Don’t give them ideas Sam! When are you folks gonna get Urban Renewal Reform passed?

  2. We have far too many committees with taxing authority and no accountability to the “subjects’ knelt and washing their royal feet:

  3. Grumpy ole Guy
    Sep 14, 2014, 4:42 pm

    Well shoot, here’s a perfect example of an exception proving a rule. In this particular instance, Mr. Eberele would make an excellent member of the Board. However, if one wishes to adhere to the principle of having Board members being residents of the City, then that should be the guideline which is unwaveringly followed, qualification of the candidate notwithstanding. Caesar’s wife, and all that.

  4. Dale Gribble
    Sep 15, 2014, 9:38 am

    Personally I think he can still act in the interest of the city of Boise. Garden City is surrounded by Boise. It’s not like he’s moving to Sun Valley and trying to stay on the board.

    EDITOR NOTE–Dale, no argument from me, but I really think with more than 200,000 citizens we could find a replacement for Eberle. Since Bieter has appointed himself to CCDC, it is entirely possible for him to leave office (by choice or voted out) and remain on CCDC. Jerome Mapp stayed on CCDC after being voted out of office. Seems if voters didn’t want him on council, he should also have left CCDC. This needs a legislative fix. Neither Mapp or Eberle are bad people, but for them to remain on a tax supported board while living outside the jurisdiction (or being voted out of office) is like having Branden Durst living in Washington and serving in the Idaho legislature.

  5. I have watched with interest when first Nampa and next Caldwell City Councilors took over Urban Renewal in these two cities. Funny how a direct line of accountability to taxpayers has changed the attitudes of the new urban renewal commissions.

    I like this so much I think it would be a good deal for taxpayers to have city councils take over the urban renewal districts statewide. We’re never going to put the UR genie back in to bottle but we would have a direct line of accountability to taxpayers with this twist on things.

  6. Short answer…no. The district is in Boise and is a Boise function. Those that serve or appointed should be residents of the City of Boise.

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