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M3 Developers Owe City of Eagle $57,000

A public records request by the GUARDIAN has revealed the mega development in the hills north of Eagle is behind at least $57,000 in past due payments to the City for various plan reviews, attorney time, and staff time.

We checked and the Eagle has not offered any payment deferrals like Boise has done with downtown developer Gardner. In total the bill owed by M3 is more than $66,000. There is a bill for $9767 which is less than 30 days past due.

M3 has encountered numerous stumbling blocks as it attempts to populate the currently barren foothills with homes and people. Growthophobes have tried to stop the development, most recently when they revealed the state law allowing the “Community Infrastructure Development” was in conflict with the Idaho Constitution. The constitution required all voters to live in the district where they vote–there were no residents to vote to approve the district, so a quick annexation was executed and half a dozen votes were cast to create the district.

If M3 can’t come up with the cash to pay its bills to Eagle, one would question the ability of the developer to create the giant project.

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  1. wait… you mean these guys really are supposed to pay their bills… I didn’t think the have’s had to do that… just the have not’s

  2. chicago sam
    Sep 17, 2014, 8:53 am

    Other People’s Money

  3. There’s also the whole water rights issue.

  4. shocked voter
    Sep 18, 2014, 8:11 am

    Looks like Eagle is following in Boise’s footsteps by letting developers get away with not paying their fair share. What about the ground Eagle bought from Ada County so we could have another person develop a winter ski area. Haven’t seen any development there.
    Guess it is time to remember this at election time.

  5. Governments are good pals with developers. A few grand spilled here or there is not a big concern to the governments because they know these developers are going to facilitate millions of home-owner tax revenue. The developers are the geese that lay golden eggs for the tax hungry city/county/state government tax-spenders/abusers of power.

    It’s like the relationship between a drug addict and his/her supplier. So, Ya have to be just plain stupid to think these government employees and politicians are gonna look out for the consumer.

    BTW: Editor, for a shocking point of public education… would you care to post the city county budget pie-charts so that people can be amazed at where the money goes.

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