Masseuse Offended By Otter Comparison

The GUARDIAN talked Monday with Nita Mussel who has “hands-on experience” when it comes to manipulating people and she said, “all of us in the massage community deeply resent being compared to the State of Idaho by Gov. Butch Otter’s lawyers.”

Ms. Mussel was referring to a legal brief filed in the ongoing anti-gay case before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court in San Francisco.

Here is the offensive passage from the legal brief filed by governor’s counsel Thomas Perry and lawyer Gene Schaerr who argued that granting the plaintiff’s motion to dump the stay and let marriages proceed strips the state of its sovereignty.

“Granting that motion would also improperly treat the sovereign State of Idaho as an ordinary litigant, entitled to no more respect than a fly-by-night payday loan business or massage parlor,” they wrote.

EDITOR NOTE–The post is a GUARDIAN satire. The legal brief quotes and legal issue are true.

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  1. Hopefully, we will have a happy ending.

  2. How can I buy stock in the gay marriage & divorce industry? If it’s 50% for straights it’s gonna be 97% for gays.

  3. +1 or Like on happy ending.

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Oct 15, 2014, 10:44 am

    How did Zippo’s comment NOT get blocked?

    EDITOR NOTE–I DID block 3 of 5 this morning! The divorce issue has been discussed on some legal and intellectual forums. In short, if marriage is legal, so is divorce. The speculation on % is just exaggeration.

  5. Free speech unless you don’t like it Rod?

    I caution the general public as to who you vote for. There are several minority groups which seem to want payback for perceived injustices which you’ve perpetrated against them. The gay Houston Mayor intruding into churches with city power come to mind. As does O’Bummers retired AG.

    Further, I think it’s is a huge investment “tip” to invest now in the gay marriage and divorce industry considering the raging success of the straight marriage and divorce industry. Thus, I’m genuinely trying to figure out how to take advantage of what will likely be an orgasmic stock chart.

  6. Zippo’s claim doesn’t hold up when compared against the CDC statistics regarding divorce rates in states that allow gay marriage versus states that don’t. For example, Massachusetts has allowed gay marriage since 2004 and has the lowest divorce rate in the country.

  7. Butch’s comment about massage parlors is now taking a big back seat to the fact that HIS STAFF worked a backroom deal (and lobbied the legislature) to get his prison management buddies out of the state without a trail. His comments that, “I did not sign the agreement” was about like Bill Clinton saying, I did not have sex with that woman.”

    Just because you are smart enough to not sigh the deal does not mean you are smart enough to tell YOUR STAFF do stay away from the deal because it is a conflict of interest.

    How do you say “plausible deniability?”

    When you spend 25 years at the public feeder and tell people that there is no way in h_ll that you are going to loose to an accountant it is time for you to do just that.

    Does not fly here Butch!

    EDITOR NOTE–At risk of facing “favoritism charges,” we will allow this comment. PLEASE stay on topic. This post is about anti gay marriage, not prison scandal.

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Oct 17, 2014, 12:06 pm

    It’s the Guardian’s website and he can censor anyone he wants for any reason. Free speech has NOTHING to do with it. The first amendment protects your free speech from government actions. Last I looked, the guardian wasn’t the government nor is your employer.

    Denying anyone the freedoms the rest of us enjoy is an injustice.

  9. Rod, the entire post is a joke based on the silly claims of our executive branch.

    Rod, I’m a prolific writer… the editor does censor me. Usually because I way off topic or interjecting my own agenda. I’m cool with that. He does seem to follow typical standards of journalism… And as you should know, it is those standards which make America better than most dumpy backward countries. The free press is the Fourth Branch of American government. (See Ed Snowden’s movie coming soon to The Flicks!!)

    Rod: I’m of the opinion that no special group of special people with special needs, special feelings, and special behaviors is off limits so long as they are of sound mind, able-bodied and adults. Political correctness brought Ebola to America Rod. It has damaged our nation in many other ways too. If you are less than 2% of the population but want to jack up the other 98% due to your particular sexual cravings… then prepare to be made fun of. At least you live in America where we refrain from humanity’s more common solutions to small noisy groups.

  10. Rod in SE Boise
    Oct 19, 2014, 1:59 pm

    I guess if your idea of humor is to insult minorities (such as any of the various minorities that have been traditionally discriminated against in our society) and then try to justify it with additional insults (“sexual cravings”, when it is well known and generally accepted that homosexuality is not a choice or a lifestyle, and that no minority is trying to “jack up” the rest of us – someone else’s freedom or human rights do not subtract from ours in any way), then have at it.

    EDITOR NOTE–Ok guys. Time out! Sorry I haven’t posted new info, but the gout put me out of action for a few days. We will get some new topics in the next day or so.

  11. what was the guardian doing at a massage parlor in the first place?????

    it was meant as a joke…. calm down…

  12. Rod, Others,

    If a bunch of white folk can elect an obnoxious black guy president, TWICE, (Mostly because he’s black… and not because he’s good at anything) Than I think we’re over it. (The symbolic President)

    So, suck it up and stop claiming victimhood. Start paying for all those stupid wasteful taxes you think are good for the country.

  13. Oh oh?!?!? You choose strange bedfellows Rod: The Hispanics flooding the country for the explicitly purpose of diluting white-conservative power… Well Rod, they are more conservative minded than I am. Plus they are far more controlled by tradition than I am. Good luck with that plan! LOLLOLOLOL.

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