The Voters (Some) Have Spoken

Apologies for the lack of content lately. Been on the road doing family business. We wanted to give readers a place to bemoan their loss or crow about their victory, so here is a post.

Not many surprises out of the election, unless you were a hopeful Dem. We were surprised at the margins in some of the races and frankly incredulous in a couple of Repub wins.

On the local level, the huge success of the fire dept. bond in Boise really shows how well the system works. We voters (admittedly a minority) stopped the first attempt, but they came back with a better plan and didn’t raise taxes in the process. Same thing happened with libraries in the past.

The outcome of the ACHD races was hailed by one reader as an endorsement of Team Dave (Bieter) politics. Bieter insiders are now well represented on ACHD, Boise School Board, and the Auditorium District. The one party system is alive and well in the City, just as it is on the other side in the Statehouse.

Anybody want some robo calls just to stay in the mood?

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  1. When running for Mayor in the last election, I guess I should have put an (R) behind my name, seems like that is all you need to get elected in Idaho. You can be a plagiarizing lying reprobate and still get elected, so long as you’re a republican.

  2. Dave did the opposition not have the opportunity to make their voices heard?

    EDITOR NOTE–No issue with “sides,” just the usual complaint of a low turnout. Nationally it was the lowest turnout since 1942 when the guys were all overseas and Rosie was riveting at the factory. Ada voters did come out at the 62% rate…still, 38% stayed home.

  3. Low turnout is because all the Obama voters checked out. They are a fairly stupid bunch, but after 6 years of nonstop bullcrap even they can smell the cowchips in the Obama lunches.

    Yes!! Obama is all wet!! I bet he won’t ever again get Greek Columns to speak from… not even at his own presidential library.

    Problem is now, the winning team ran us in the ditch 8-10 years ago and still ain’t got a new idea between them.

    Anyway, as for Idaho, if you’re a lib and hate it here… just move to Seattle, Portland, or even just 50 miles to Ontario and feel more at ease. The only Democrats elected around here are called RINOs.

  4. Diane Sower
    Nov 6, 2014, 4:30 am

    It’s so obvious, it”s like the nose on my face. The people with the most money always win, and you know they are always going to win within weeks of the race starting. Not trying to say don’t vote, because that’s your rite as a citizen, but hasn’t anybody been smart enough to see the pattern and just call a day a day? Like back when we were fighting Luna, but he and Butch had eastern money in their pockets? A done deal, even though it ruined the lives of the teachers, and made our state 50 out 50 in student spending, showing all who really didn’t give a darn about the people? Same thing here. And religion does make a difference in backing these knot heads.

  5. Diane+Sower
    Nov 6, 2014, 4:36 am

    Money calls the elections every time. Can’t you see it? And the religious always call it by voting a certain party. You can predict Idaho’s elections just like you can predict the treachery that Tom Luna and Butch Otter put on Idaho’s teachers, with some 60 added things to do, and removing monies from hundreds of supply rooms. All the while raking in millions personally, especially now, from eastern companies for themselves, and our religious organizations got them elected, putting our school student spending ration at 50 out of 50 states. Go ahead and exercise your rite to vote. You need to. But beware, the elections are bought and paid for within the first weeks of every election, and it has nothing to do with helping you.

  6. Well, I am incredulous that Tom Dale has slithered back onto the gravy train in Canyon!!

    He will not waste any time in screwing things up there!!!

  7. Mark G “Has Vomited”. As usual if you want an opinion just wait for the ID Statesman to give you one. The voters of Idaho wait for the Statesman’s endorsements and then vote accordingly. If we spent more on education maybe more voters could read and investigate their elected officials backgrounds and voting records but we surely wouldn’t want to do that.

  8. If you look at what counties the votes came from. Ada counties vote was a hold different story. Maybe we are just more informed than the rest of the state.

  9. David Hall, BOISE is dominated by Democrats. If you want to win Boise Mayor, first get well acquainted with the voters.

    Diane Sower, Balufoff’s campaign had MORE money that Otter; so your point of “most money always wins” is not true.

    I don’t just want more voter turn-out, more informed voters would be a better goal.

  10. Diane Sower asserts that the people with the most money always win.

    That seems like an inaccurate generalization to me. If the “word on the street” is true, Mitt Romney is richer than Obama. And Balukoff is richer than Otter.

    Do the “deep pockets” sway elections? I’d agree with that. The “progressives” are constantly railing against the billionaire Koch brothers. And on the other side, George Soros and Bloomberg and Hollywood try to buy votes. Votta countrie!!

    She also asserts that “the religious always call it by voting a certain party.”

    Although that’s a very broad generalization, there’s likely some truth to it. Perhaps the losing party should examine its various positions on the various issues… there must be something there that “the religious” don’t care for.

    (This may surprise many… the eastern Idaho Mormons used to vote solidly for Democratic candidates, a generation or two ago. Did the Mormons evolve, or did the Democrats evolve? Something has apparently driven them apart.)

    It’s a BUMMER that I can’t somehow prevent everybody from voting who disagrees with me! (haha!)

    A few of my candidates won… many lost. I was most surprised by the victory of Ms. Ybarra as Schools Chief. Apparently,
    1) The people who voted for her weren’t paying attention, or
    2) They were willing to overlook her various “stumbles” along the way, or
    3) They liked her better than her opponent.

    Soon we’ll all be able to road-trip over to Ontario or Adrian and smoke away all our cares.

  11. While those who are talking about the monied buying their wah into office are absolutely right the bigger travesty is why does the money always win? The money wins because the general pop are too damn lazy to vote. As for the person who made the comment about the libs moving out… why do you finish you’re thought and add in the “druggies,outlaws, mentally ill, ect ect. Isn’t the the god fearing repub mantra?

  12. Not sure why some continue to believe that money expended on students is ratiometric with the quality of education. Fundamentally, the government is the only institution in the world that can get away with that notion. Every company in the world has to do more with less year-after-year to stay relevant while the government works on the inverse of that principle. We currently spend 6x (adjusted for inflation) per student than we did in 1960 and we are not producing 6x better students. Personally, I think the educators are doing very good with the dollars appropriated to them and spending more won’t ‘solve’ non-existent problem..

  13. Dale Gribble
    Nov 6, 2014, 1:15 pm

    I’m against the bond even if they claim it doesn’t cost the taxpayer money in this case. It’s a symptom of a bigger problem – not properly funding basic services. A bond is a hidden tax since the city has to pay interest. Either tax us properly or don’t spend money we don’t have. But I guess borrowing money is the status quo in America. CNN claims that 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, I guess the City lives the same way.

  14. Zippo, I’m a Democrat (albeit one that also ends up throwing at least a couple votes the Republican way because I vote on the candidate too) and I like your comment. I love it here in BLUE Boise. Tea party knuckleheads are welcome to live in 2C and commute in if they can handle us dirty liberals. Awesome logic 🙂

    P.s. Two time Obama voter that voted early this year. Outlier to your theory? Maybe.

  15. Bill Goodnight
    Nov 6, 2014, 4:38 pm

    It is obvious that much of the Idaho electorate know little about the candidates beyond their party affiliation and vote totally party line.

    If we cannot have a two party State we should create an incognito moderate wing of our single party.

    Any traditional Demo who aspires to Legislative or Statewide office would be crazy not to run with an (R) after their name.

    EDITOR NOTE–Sharon Ullman proved that with the Ada Commish race, before she sold out to the trash burner folks.

  16. Nate,
    The 1960 dollar is worth 8 2014 dollars. Likewise, inflation adjusted, if your number is accurate, we’re actually spending 25% less than we did in 1960. Just saying, inflation …

  17. Dale, Just FYI, the government (federal and state) doesn’t save up to make purchases like that. Imagine the distractions that would take up savings en route to $20 million. We’d never get there. A bond is just an exceedingly low interest loan (at 2% it is likely a better investment than inflation, so it is likely a money maker compared to saving up, if that could even happen).

    EDITOR NOTE–Not so fast BoiseB. The City Hall West/Public Safety building was paid with “saved up cash” after just a couple years. I won my first of 3 court rulings on the issue of the city attempting to go into debt without voter approval. We saved the taxpayers over $15,000,000 interest just on that single project.
    Bonds go for closer to 4%, but it costs a bunch over 24 years—that’s why people invest in municipal bonds.

  18. If voting worked, the elite would change the rules so that it didn’t. Between the corporate propaganda machine known as The Media, the money pouring into crooked politicians pockets, and ignorant citizens, we haven’t a chance at a benevolent government.

  19. Foothills+Rider
    Nov 7, 2014, 11:11 am

    Idea: fully take away the R and the D (one piece of the equation). If voters had to research and vote for candidates in a media void and without the crutch of affiliation, what would be the result (besides a very low voter turnout)?

    “The bandwagon effect occurs in voting: some people vote for those candidates or parties who are likely to succeed (or are proclaimed as such by the media), hoping to be on the “winner’s side” in the end. The bandwagon effect has been applied to situations involving majority opinion, such as political outcomes, where people alter their opinions to the majority view.”

    (Nadeau, Richard; Cloutier, Edouard; Guay, J.-H. (1993). “New Evidence About the Existence of a Bandwagon Effect in the Opinion Formation Process”. International Political Science Review 14 (2): 203–213.)

  20. JSmith,

    You hit the nail on the head with regard to ignorant citizens. Perhaps that’s why education is such a low priority for republicans – the more educated you are the less likely you’ll vote for them.

  21. Some cities do stash A LOT of cash to “save-up” for planned expenditures or in some cases, “What are we going to do with all this excess?”. Guess what their answer is.

    Cities get a big portion of of revenues from sales tax- they have little control of this. When sales are good there is excess revenue to the cities and counties.

    Boise City apparently buys new police cars and fire vehicles (SUVs for management) when this happens instead of leaving it in a reserve account.

    At a quick glance, for end of 2013, Meridian had $16.3MILLION of unassigned cash and 3.7MILLION for capital projects; for a city running 17 million budget.

  22. People vote party line because the politicos also vote party line in office. So people voting the party line is like buying a sector-ETF. It’s not as mindless as so many of you claim.

    Dems blew it big time this year. On the national level they’ve not had a majority mandate since 2008… and even then, in 2008, that majority was given to them by those who wanted an Obama-phone and set down the crack-pipe long enough to vote.

    2014, Idaho, AJB was a lib-dem… how stupid was that? Had the dems ran a RINO instead they’d have won. AJB’s wife could still have funded it and keep their privacy. Perhaps next time. Butch, you’d best pony up a fresh contender by then.

    BTW: I think eminent domain should be used to turn the Boise residential lowlands into a mountain resort vacation destination… Book it and run it like they do a cruise ship, without the seasickness, cheap booze, or food lines. The tax revenue would be hugely bigger than the current take from the dilapidated residential Norend today. Plus Bieter could have his train.

  23. I like how City Councilor Eberle announces his retirement this summer and then it becomes official right after the election. Bieter gets to hand pick a replacement that will be an “incumbent” next election.

  24. A couple observations:
    AJ had no ads interviewing an Idahoan enrolled with health insurance because of the the Affordable Care Act? WHY? AJ made no attempt with Otter’s ads of AJ being right for Liberal California to let Idahoans know that California probably gets most of the additional medicaid funding that Idaho Republican Otter turned down? Republicans always talk less government and Taxes? Jim Risch raised Idaho sales tax to 6 percent during his 6 month stint as governor of Idaho. And George Bush and Dick Cheney created Homeland Security, talk about big government. PART OF HOMELAND INITIALLY MAY HAVE BEEN NECESSARY. Otter voted against HS, as a Congressman, you don’t hear him wanting to repeal that! It is a wet dream to think Idaho will turn blue? The only things to turn blue will be the BALLS

  25. BoiseB:

    That is a rather crass statement there!!

    I have a Master’s from Northwestern University, and I vote Republican!


  26. Diane+Sower
    Nov 8, 2014, 5:25 am

    Mormons vote Republican because they are republican. Go out and take a vote. We have incredulously good teachers, but punishing them like luna did wasn’t the answer. School districts that had no supply rooms didn’t make them wonderful teachers. Giving them “clickers” wasted their time. Dreaming up “Luna laws” further wasted precious teaching time, yet, he was incapable of going into a classroom and teaching, because he couldn’t teach! If you want a good superintendent, he/she needs to be able to read lesson plans and implement them, in order to gain the respect of the teacher. A two year online degree in measurements is not worthy of my vote, and his punitive ideas against the teachers were shameful, and only meant to deepen his pockets. Shameful, and put into office by religion. And yes, at some point you have to spend something on the students. At least Luna and Otter got money under the table. Why not students?

  27. Steve+Crea and you still voted for Butch and Little????

  28. Robert:

    Yes. I like AJ, but his lame complaints about the Idaho economy, implying that Governor Otter caused or created this weak economic environment, is disingenuous at best, and at the worst, is the height of hypocrisy!!!

    Liberal policies killed our timber industry, and many Idaho towns were decimated. To then lament that Idaho’s wages are low, and the economy weak, is hypocrisy!!!

  29. Foothills Rider
    Nov 8, 2014, 10:28 pm


    What is ironic is that in CA, AJ would be a right wing conservative, and would never get a look! It is hilarious to see opposition here proclaim him as the CA liberal. BTW – I am registered Rep. and voted AJ.

  30. So far I have learned that: 1. Obama voters are a “fairly stupid bunch; 2. the voters in Idaho rely on Statesman endorsements; 3. Ada County may be more informed than the rest of the state; 4. Tea Party folks should live in another county and commute; 5. More-educated people vote for Democrats, so Republicans won’t fund education; 6. It’s surprising that someone with a Masters degree would vote for Otter. It’s time we stopped pretending that anyone who disagrees with us is dumb. It seems that nobody agrees with me, ever. However, I know there are some smart folks out there.

  31. Erico:

    Pls address the economic issues I identified regarding the timber industry, rather than deflecting, denying, and obfuscating.

    The height of hypocrisy???

  32. Foothills:

    Many even so-called “moderate” Dems are way left, big spenders, want ever bigger and costly govie, more entitlements, and so forth.

    Simply because you use CA as the benchmark means little. CA is the People’s Republic on steroids!

    AJ voted for Obama!

    Enough said???

  33. And further, many of you are using an inappropriate measure to determine the R’s commitment to education: raw dollars spent, rather than outcome!

    This is akin to saying that the automobile that gets 10 mpg is twice as good as the one that achieves 20 mpg!

  34. Diane+Sower
    Nov 10, 2014, 4:54 am

    I really hate it, don’t you? When someone suggests I move somewhere else if I don’t like the way elections turn out. My ancestors came over on the William and Stephen ship, fought in the Revolutionay war, those who followed fought in the Civil War, a grandfather fought in WW1, my father, in WW11, both parents, myself, my brother, and children born here in Boise, and yet we have no rights to be here and speak our piece. Native Idahoans have relatively few rights if they aren’t your rights. Now, don’t you find that a tad bit on the weird side? Send me somewhere else? Are you kidding me? Go back to the days after WW11 when people stood in the streets and shook hands, didn’t argue over party politics, and voted for the person. Now we are forced to vote for party politics, forced to fight with one another. Shame.

  35. I am educated, and educated quite well with a Master’s from Northwestern University’s JL Kellogg Graduate School of Management, with concentrations in finance, economics, and business policy.

    I vote R, and I despise Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Franken, Debbie Wasserman, and their ilk.

    Their rhetoric makes me retch!

  36. AJ:

    Up your game, raise the bar, sharpen up your arguments, divorce yourself from most Dems, help to make Dems accountable for the innumerable problems Libs and Lib phosophies have caused.

    Come back and run again after you have sharpened up!

  37. Steve+Crea,

    I said that the more educated you are the MORE LIKELY you are to vote for a progressive agenda (not republican). You’re obviously entrenched in your position, and it’s pointless to argue. I will point out that what really killed the timber industry is not policy, but waning demand for wood products in the age of cheaper plastics, composites, HD electronic screens, and recycling.

  38. Erico:

    Perhaps you should say, “It is surprising that someone with a Master’s from a prestigious and reputable institution would vote for more failed liberal policies, practices,and philosophies.”

  39. BoiseB:

    That is NOT what you said!!

    Reread your comments.

  40. Diane+Sower
    Nov 11, 2014, 5:31 am

    Can’t put all the eggs in one party basket. You’ll find some goofy folks in both parties. It’s not all or nothing. The tea partiers aren’t necessarily the smartest bunch in the basket, but, given the chance of working together with others with differing ideas, rather than freaking out and insisting all people must agree with all their ideas, maybe something good could come. Neither side need cram their ideas 100% down the voters, and neither side do, except of course George Bush, and we can now see the bloody, costly efforts he and Cheney made off of a balanced budget. Pre-emptive wars never work, and look at us. We’re becoming post Europe.

  41. Steve, a clear case of our failed educational system.

  42. Robert, I think your comma should be a colon.

  43. Looks like this conversation has run out of steam and broken down into an argument about grammar and semantics.

    EDITOR NOTE–Hence I have a new post since returning to town.

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