“Cleaning Woman” Is Bieter Council Finalist

Three years ago she wasn’t good enough to mop floors for Boise City and today Sylvia Hampel is among seven finalists seeking appointment to the City Council to fill the vacancy created when David Eberle moved to Garden City.

As CEO of Clearview Cleaning Service, Sylvia Hampel was awarded a contract in 2011 to clean Boise City Hall and City Hall West. Shortly after winning the contract, Boise suddenly rescinded the $368,000 contract.

The GUARDIAN provided extensive coverage of the conflict between Hampel and Boise.

Hampel, whose firm had been named the 2010″small business of the year” by the Chamber of Commerce, provided services to the National Guard and St. Alphonsus Hospital to name a few. She was outraged at the snub by Team Dave and sued the city when Bieter staffers refused to provide documents in response to a records request.

Fourth District Judge Thomas Neville ruled the City of Boise acted frivolously when it withheld 7 of 10 public record requests filed in that contract dispute between the city and Clearview Cleaning. The court ordered Boise to pay $4,137 in attorney fees to Clearview. That figure was on top of the $43,000 settlement the City paid her.

In the ensuing years we hear Hampel and Clearview actually have been awarded cleaning contracts by Boise. Perhaps she discovered more dirt than expected.

It would seem impossible for Hampel to remain connected with Clearview if the firm does business with the city.

Other finalists include Brian Ellsworth, Jeff Gabica, Rich Harris, Scot Ludwig, Beth Oppenheimer, and Holli Woodings.

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  1. Whoever is selected will be 100% “Team Dave” so just another situation of creating a kingdom of power so you get what you want.

  2. My prediction is Ludwig takes the seat.

  3. Dave gets to select and the City Council gets to approve the choice. You can’t blame the Mayor for stacking the deck in his favor with this opportunity.

  4. Scott would be great choice.

  5. Correction for Chip’s comment. it is not a kingdom so that “we” get what “we” want. It is so that “they” get what “they” want.
    I believe the term is ochlocracy. Such that we are under the impression that we are making a choice and voting for, or hoping for competent leaders. But as always we succumb to the relentless rule of the ignorant masses, who vote in or support treasonous politicos with unthinking allegiance.

  6. Amazing how Boise City Council members always leave early, allowing Dave Beater to anoint a new Member, who gets re-elected by the Corporate Media controlled Sheeple until they decide to leave mid-term.

  7. J+…you nailed it!

  8. How many times have I proposed that vacated city council positions be filled by a general election?

    And when are the thousands of new Boise residents going to get representation? Or are we going to be stuck with only 6 councilors forever?

    When Boise reaches a million people will there still only be 6 councilors? How about 2 million people?

  9. Is anyone keeping track of the councilors who’ve vacated their seats only to have the seat filled by appointment?

    I’m guessing 6 or 7 in the last 10 years.

  10. Bieter is a dictator. I suggest a state constitutional amendment to limit the number of appointed city council members and to force appointed members to sit out a term before running for election again. Empty seats should remain vacant or hold a special election to fill it.

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