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Bones Named Chief of BPD

Mayor Dave Bieter surprised no one with the selection Monday of Bill Bones to succeed Mike Masterson as chief of the Boise Police Department. The appointment must be approved by the City Council, but it is a sure deal.
Bill Bones
Masterson, whose last day is January 29 pretty much groomed Bones to fill the post, appointing him as deputy chief and leaving Bones in charge of the department when he was out of town.

Bill Bones was hired as an officer in 1992. For the last three years, he’s served as deputy chief to Mike Masterson, who is retiring at the end of January.

“We look forward to continuing the working relationship with Chief Bones which we enjoyed under Masterson. We anticipate he will continue to exercise Masterson’s philosophy,” said Police union president Guy Bourgeau of the appointment.

The city of Boise hired Masterson in 2004, when confidence in city government was in a tailspin. A rash of officer-involved shootings in the late 1990s led to complaints that the force was out of control.

A community ombudsman was hired to investigate public complaints about Boise police officers. That post has been vacant for more than a year, but GUARDIAN sources at City Hall say a woman has been selected to fill the post, but no announcement has been made.

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  1. Frankenstein Government
    Dec 23, 2014, 10:15 pm

    15 years ago, we said Bones would be the Chief one day.

    It’s one of the few things we got right.

    Dude played every card just right. Congrats.

  2. I think every city needs an ombudsman. I am a concerned citizen when it comes to all the up armoring of our police. Job one for cops is to come home each and every day with all their body parts intact.

    I hate reading about high speed chases through town for a petty crime. Why not get the plate number and meet and greet the violator at his home.

    I wish Mr. Bones well in his new position. He will have a lot of people to keep informed and advised inside and outside the Boise PD.

  3. John Q. Public
    Dec 28, 2014, 11:36 pm

    Want more professional police services in your Boise?

    DEMAND they be accredited by CALEA [ ]. In an age where we are constantly advised to only utilize services by accredited providers – be they plumbers, doctors, or electricians – how is it that we don’t expect professional accreditation from those who hold our liberties and out very lives in their hands?!

    Though not a panacea for all that ills Boise’s police, accreditation from CALEA is perhaps the most important first step.


    To learn more about your God Given and Constitutionally Protected Rights and how to assert them, visit Flex Your Rights @ and the ACLU @

  4. i+dont+know
    Jan 4, 2015, 10:45 am

    “I hate reading about high speed chases through town for a petty crime. Why not get the plate number and meet and greet the violator at his home.”

    I like this. It seems like policing is more about immediate control than it is about public safety at times. God forbid some with a misdemeanor or non violent crime get away.
    I always thought that they could find a creative, proacrive, nonpunitive way of protecting citizens from DUI’s. *I am aware this idea is dumb* but if the goal is to cut down on deaths then have people who are driving intoxicated place a bright green flashing light on their car like a green cop light. This way we all know to get the hell out of the way, cops would see them quickly to be able to determine whether their driving is too outrageous like speeding or excessive swerving. It wouldn’t be a pass to drive like an ass or drink till you can’t see. But the idea would be that auntie marsha wouldnt be dead because she would see the green glow around the corner and not pull out in front of the idiot doin 60 through a stop sign.

    I know the idea is silly but it would be nice if they would look at preventative measure even if it meant the “crime” becomes legal since typically the crime itself isn’t the problem it’s how it hurts others that is.

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