Ada Gang Of 3 Boost Bronco Nation

We got a press release image from the Ada Commishes today wishing residents a Happy New Year and good luck to the BSU Broncos in the Fiesta Bowl. Apparently things are slow at the court house.

The image of the “Gang of Three” will no doubt be remembered by many readers, residents, taxpayers and future candidates.
image001 copy
L-R Commishes Rick Yzaguirre, Dave Case, Jim Tibbs.

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  1. Foothills Rider
    Dec 24, 2014, 12:19 pm

    So is Case West Side? That’s Michael Brown’s sign he’s sporting.

    I find this offensive that the County Commishes would pose as gangsters in light of today’s national events. Next time: think before acting.

  2. Slow day? Are there busy days? For what they have to do, I have never figured out why we need three full time at six figures each.

  3. You need to remember the position is a retirement account position to build up your retirement check….and practice being retired before you actually are.

  4. once upon a time, government positions were no-paid “volunteer” positions. Looks like we really need to go back to that sort of thing. Which might be more beneficial that just financially. This way, only those who really want to work for the people would run for office…. might be a good idea for cops too…

  5. This picture is quite appropriate since most politicians are criminals in the pocket the rich folks and corporations, while pretending to serve the citizens.

  6. 300K plus bennies and perks

  7. If you look at what they have to do (not counting stuff that already has an elected official in charge) it boils down to P&Z, the landfill, and the gambling/entertainment venues (fairgrounds, wedding venue, RV park, parks). Maybe some court functions.

  8. Let’s not forget the money Yzaguirre “STOLED” from taxpayers when he owned a convenience store in Eagle- elected and reelected.

    Erico49, I’m thinking you could reduce that “to do” list even more… the landfill has a dedicated manager, the fairgrounds too, etc…
    They are just paid to field complaints from taxpayers. Pretty easy right?

  9. Yes.. easy. Especially if you don’t respond.

  10. The photo is just awkward. Some great points are raised here. Does anyone here know what the mechanism is for changing our county government structure? Frazier has a great institutional memory about any past discussions on this topic. Where did past efforts go?

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