Some Needed New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some New Year’s resolutions we think are needed for 2015. Feel free to add your own.

–Legislature should pass a law to ban discrimination toward ALL groups, race, gender, religion, age, etc.

–Gov. Butch Otter stop spending our tax dollars to fight gay marriage. If you want to defend the Idaho Constitution, join Frazier protecting the right of citizens to approve debt and fight GBAD’s attempt to go around the constitution.

–Team Dave needs to announce which women will be appointed to the City Council and as the Ombudsman. Ombudsman is like the fire department or an insurance policy: Hope to never need the services, but glad to have them just in case.

–Local legacy media needs to look into whatever happened with the convoluted land swap that gave a California developer the Armory in exchange for a wedge south of Gowen Field.

–We need a citizen’s resolution to ban any further studies of trolley, trains, street cars, baseball parks, or other legacy construction in Boise.

–CCDC needs to be allowed to slowly fade away.

–State Land Board should continue to avoid owning and operating commercial businesses.
Also local governments should be paid fees in lieu of taxes on state-owned commercial property.

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  1. Grumpy ole Guy
    Jan 2, 2015, 5:25 am

    If additions could be considered, I’d suggest that if and when Attorney General Wasden’s legal opinion is solicited and offered the Legislature be required to vote before the State enter into legal suits against the Federal government which conflict with said AG’s opinion(s); and that the monies for said legal action(s) be charged against the Legislative budget account.

    I would further suggest a resolution to the effect that when an elected official of any City, County or State position or sub-division has been charged with a crime which is considered a felony, that, that person be suspended from office without pay until resolution of the case has been made.

  2. Also…
    – work to get Idaho out from being on the bottom rung for education.
    – Reduce the quantity of inmates in prison, as Idaho has one of the highest per-capita prison populations in the northwest.
    – Decrease the mandatory lengthy sentencing for one time non-violent offenders.
    – If this is truly a right to work state, then stop allowing the Police union to dictate legislation
    – Stop wasting time and money criminalizing people for things that the rest of the country deems legal, like pot and sex.

  3. I’d like to see a new “no growth” policy that would keep the Treasure Valley from turning into a gridlocked, smog choked, crime infested megalopolis.

  4. I whole-heartedly agree with your New Year’s Resolutions and may I comment on a couple of them.

    Gay Marriage – Idaho would have been the very last state in the union to have granted equal rights to all of its citizens to marry whom they will. Instead, I think the Governor’s Office should immediately tell taxpayers how much it has cost to bang our collective heads against this brick wall. We get it. You want the right to discriminate against anybody YOU choose – it took the federal government (like it always does) to convince Mississippi (and Idaho) that BLACK people matter and GAY people matter.

    Secondly, Boise is very lucky that they don’t have 80,000 homeless folks on our streets every night like the City of Angels does. If our Honorable Mayor and City Council would STOP IMMMEDIATELY trying to put us in debt by installing a trolley in Boise that we don’t need and can’t fund, then why not spend HALF the money you were going to spend on it and fund 2-3 brand, new HOMELESS SHELTERS for our growing homeless folks. Instead of shamefully passing ordinances banning all “naps from sunrise to sunset” and empowering the City’s police force to force these poor folks out into the cold because they MUST SLEEP SOMEWHERE, why not spend a few dollars to fund a couple more homeless shelters and allow others to see that Boise is serious about its pledge to be a wonderful city in which to live.

  5. To make 2015 better:
    – Boise law enforcement adopt a “don’t fire unless fired upon” policy.

    -I hope 2015 brings something to Idahoans not normally expressed in social media- Look beyond Idaho.

    Idaho is not much different than the rest of the country. It all just breaks down to rural and urban.

    For example, as Kevin eludes to above, that somehow ONLY Idaho (Governor’s office) wants to discriminate against gay people… If we look beyond Idaho we see people EVERYWHERE discriminate against gay people. Even black people discriminate against gay people!

    Education? Education EVERYWHERE is suffering. Anyone who uses, ‘we are at the bottom ‘apparently isn’t looking around enough.

    Our local media is no different than the rest of the national media. It’ sucks.

    And local government is filled with problems everywhere else too- 2015 will be more of the same.

    It is only with the help of citizens like The Guardian and the Caldwell Guardian are these problems kept in check to some degree.

    So for 2015, I hope MORE quality citizen bloggers start up covering state/local governments. It can only improve the conversations and improve the politics of our great state.

  6. How dare you try to take the focus off the meaningless, yet highly emotional, social arguments. These social distractions are very very important to keeping the voters divided while the piggy-bank is emptied and smashed into bacon bits.

    (Dramamine required)

  7. i+dont+know
    Jan 4, 2015, 10:26 am

    “You want the right to discriminate against anybody YOU choose” I assume this has to do with the bill giving business owners the right to discriminate based on religious preferences and not gay marriage since gay marriage is more along the lines of denying tax payers government services and privileges?

    -Though rather improbable it would be nice if us normal people could rationally talk with one another from across party lines (though it would help if people would stop believing that they are experts in all things political and open their minds to new thinking )so tunnel vision with our parties we realize we all want similar things and only disagree on how to get there. Though it is an assumption that everyone wants a happy, fulfilling, and comfortable life for themselves, their family and country.

  8. I’d like to us become more active than vocal. “Actions speak louder than words in XXfifteen”

  9. “2-3 brand, new HOMELESS SHELTERS”

    If you build it, they will come!

    I’d rather they sleep in Reno, Las V, Portland, Seattle, LA, etc.

  10. Ban discrimination against everyone? What does that even mean? Should we arrest the Crescent owner for his no lawyer sign? Would a hippie be violating your law by not renting to a cop, or a Bronco for not renting to a Vandal? Would my bank still be able to deny loans to folks with bad credit, or would your new law protect them from discriminatory treatment as well?

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