Eagle-Fairview Center of Universe

Ada County Highway District car counters have rereleased their tally for 2014. No one is surprised there are more cars per hour and the center of the universe has moved to Eagle Road.

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  1. Both 9th and Front and 13th and Front seemed to have slipped by 10%. I am not aware of any materially improvement to alternative transportation that would account for this decline, I am curious what the City, Downtown Business Association and CCDC might theorize the cause of the decline to be…

  2. Better control of the parking meters will save downtown.

  3. I’m not sure how 9th/Front could have less traffic in 2014 than 2011. There must be a mistake in that graphic or the database or something. It could have been the bike lane fiasco skewing stats. What day or week was the count made for 2014? It could be that 5pm traffic has become so annoying that some are taking alternative routes or leaving work earlier/later.

    Look at the big picture though. Look at 9th and Front, the peak hour volume is not significantly lower than Eagle/Fairview which is a much larger intersection fed by more lanes of traffic.

    I can assure you, without counting cars, that downtown traffic is greater than ever. It’s much greater than 10 years ago, especially Front Street. Ask ACHD about the synchronization. They keep having to devote ever more priority to Front. You used to be able to do 30mph on Idaho and hit every light perfectly. Not anymore and it’s due to Front Street’s priority.

  4. “Eagle-Fairview Center of Universe”!?

    Of what “universe” is the busiest peak-hour intersection in Ada County the center?

    EDITOR NOTE–The retail universe, the chain restaurant universe, and if you talk to Mayor Tammy, THE universe. “Meridian” generally refers to the “middle.”

  5. chicago sam
    Jan 9, 2015, 2:18 pm

    Much of the traffic count in downtown Boise and other city’s as well are people who simply want to get to the other side of town where they can shop and not have to pay parking fees. As a destination inner city’s have little appeal.

  6. also the center of population for the valley universe, Rabula.

  7. Hmmm,…wonder why so much downtown commercial space is being converted to residential across the country….

  8. If our government was looking out for the people… Many buildings in most downtown areas would be condemned as a fire and/or earthquake hazard. Boise, without any doubt, has many buildings under the protection of TeamDave and his special taxing districts which I feel unsafe within.

  9. Chuck Woods
    Jan 26, 2015, 9:30 am

    Meridian is actually a parallel universe to downtown Boise. And one that I avoid as much as possible.

  10. “Center of the Universe” here defined by the population that spend the most amount of time in automobiles.

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