Tibbs New Chairman of Ada Commishes

Ada County elected officials were sworn-in Monday and Jim Tibbs was elected by his fellow commishes as the new chairman.

Ada Officials 01-12-15
Pictured L to R = Treasurer Vicky McIntyre, Coroner Dotti Owens, Prosecuting Attorney Jan Bennetts, Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre, Assessor Robert McQuade, Sheriff Gary Raney, Commission Chairman Jim Tibbs, Clerk Christopher Rich, Commissioner Dave Case.

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  1. the faces of evil…

  2. Here comes the 2x taxes. 3x in ten years.

  3. Bieter+begone
    Jan 13, 2015, 6:43 am

    Oh heavens LD they are not. You know, if you think these people are so bad, there is absolutely nothing preventing you from putting yourself out there and running for office yourself. But that would take a little more effort than posting a comment on a blog.

  4. I am looking at about $1.5 million in annual salaries and benefits for this crew. I realize that we aren’t very good at making major changes to government, but it seems to me that it’s time we looked at a couple things 1. the archaic property tax and potential fair alternatives; and 2. the division of labor between cities and the County.

  5. A shame Yzaguirre got back in – if there was ever a reason to kick one out, he is the one after his lousy track record from his time in Eagle through his support of Dynamis.

  6. chicago+sam
    Jan 13, 2015, 2:15 pm

    In the end the current commissioners more than earned their salary for years to come by axing the Dynamis deal. The increased pollution and higher electricity rates from this ill advised project would have cost Treasure Valley residents millions per year and lowered our air quality by a significant amount. Inversions–need I say more

  7. Thank Heaven we will not see the Emperor Sheriff Raney back again.

    I hear he has already selected his successor – hand picked by the emperor himself. So now we let the crazies pick the sheriff.

  8. Bieter-begone, if everyone followed your logic, we would all be busy working in Congress, the Legislature, working as various Commissioners, MAYOR, and every other public employee’s job working below our expectations.

    That really would take a lot of work!

  9. Bieter+begone
    Jan 15, 2015, 9:29 am

    Easterner. I merely rebutted LD’s ridiculous contention that the picture showed the faces of evil. For someone to make that statement shows a dangerous lack of perception with what’s really going on in the world. If it was supposed to be funny, then it was a total failure.

    And yes, if you so despise the elected officials, try running to be one. Perhaps if more did, then the world, US, state and locality would be better places.

  10. um… not all of those people where “elected”. Furthermore, if a comment on a blog offends you so much that you have to go on a personal attack to somehow make yourself feel better, then maybe you should reconsider how much time you spend surfing these opinion pages.

  11. also,
    if you must make a statement that I may not be capable of perception, and that I do not know what is going on in the world. I say this, that I believe it is you that is not conscious of what is going on in the world. Sure you may think that this is a wonderful country, and that this the best one around. But to what other countries are you using as a comparison to think that? Because if you try to say that we are better than say, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea, then sure that argument may seem valid. But it is an apex fallacy. You take the extremes and make a ridiculous comparison which is not even remotely plausible. If you make a rational comparison, say to countries like Norway, England, France, or pretty much any western industrialized country, we are actually one of the worst countries. Also, if you make a comparison to say other states, we here in Idaho are again, one of the worst around. Maybe not THE worst, but pretty damn bad.

  12. Bieter+begone
    Jan 17, 2015, 2:12 pm

    LD. Skin thin much? If you consider being chastised for hyperbole regarding calling someone evil who is patently not a personal attack, get thee to your fainting couch.

    Other than the attorney, who will face election in 2 years, yeah, these are all elected people.

    I guess I am mystified that you live in idaho, one of the worst of the worst, and the US, an absolutely horrible place. Are you held in servitude perchance?


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