Ada Taxpayers Spent $138,241 To Defend Commishes

Ada County officials answered a GUARDIAN request and disclosed it cost $138,241 to defend former Ada County director of administrative services Rich Wright’s
lawsuit against current Commishes Dave Case and Jim Tibbs.

It was dismissed in Fourth District Court by Judge George Carey in the form of a summary judgement filed by the county’s attorney earlier this month.

Wright sued the county for unlawful termination claiming the county violated the “whistle blower act,” Federal Family Leave Act, and inflicted emotional distress. He was fired when Tibbs and Case took office.

He was seeking in “excess of $25,000” in damages (the amount was higher, but that threshold was cited by Judge Carey). The court dismissed the case “with prejudice” which means it cannot be refiled.

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  1. Nice to know one of the reasons our taxes got/getting jacked was so vital.

  2. Grumpy ole Guy
    Jan 15, 2015, 11:37 pm

    Paltry next to the Guv’s dogged attempts to fight the courts attempts against the courts rulings against same-sex marriage.

  3. Suing a govt agency is an uphill climb for anyone. Your own legal fees vs. the unlimited purse of the publics lawyers make it extremely difficult. I pass no judgement on this case but some form of required mediation seems like a better alternative. Many lawyers view these cases as significant contributors to their retirement fund.

  4. Aggrieved Party
    Jan 24, 2015, 9:40 am

    Did you happen to get a copy of Judge Carey’s decision? If so would you post it?

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