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Would YOU Pay To Hear A Mayor Speak?

President Obama is headed for Boise in the next few days. His speech — a follow up to the “state of the union” — will be free, even if it doesn’t include the infamous “rubber chicken” or snacks.

Imagine the uproar if the Governor or the President delivered a “state of the state” or “state of the union” address as a fund-raiser and charged for seating. That’s the plan for Treasure Valley mayors in coming weeks.

Seems the mayors of Treasure Valley have simply forgotten their roots–with the exception of Garret Nancolas of Caldwell. They are planning to address the citizens about public issues, talk about spending public money, and charge the citizens to hear them at an inconvenient time for the average worker. Nancolas’ speech is free.

Bob Henry of Nampa, Tammy de Weerd of Meridian, and Eagle’s Jim Reynolds all have scheduled “State of The City” speeches and they expect citizens to PAY to hear them expound on their goals and accomplishments. Sure, if you want to be a cheapskate or simply can’t afford lunch you can sit in the corner for free.

The GUARDIAN has bitched about the practice and the fund raiser nature for years, especially in Boise where 1,000 businessmen, contractors, and other beneficiaries gather for a breakfast where it costs $40 a plate–yielding a gross of $40,000 for the special interest business lobbying group called the Chamber of Commerce. (The only reason there is free seating at all is due to prior GUARDIAN posts).

If the message these politicos offer is of ANY value — other than making the evening news — they should deliver their sermons at a regularly scheduled city council meeting, not at a time when working men and women can’t attend. How many “businessmen and leaders” would attend a free council meeting along with the great unwashed to hear a speech?

Here’s the current schedule from today’s STATESMAN:

Nampa Mayor Bob Henry Wednesday, Nampa Civic Center, 311 3rd St. S. Lunch 11:30 a.m., presentation 12:15 p.m. Lunch tickets $20; free seating no lunch. RSVP required: 466-4642.
Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas Feb. 3, Jewett Auditorium, 2112 Cleveland Blvd., 4 to 5:30 p.m. Free. RSVP required: 459-7493.
Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd Feb. 4, Meridian Middle School, 1507 West 8th St. 3:59 p.m. Tickets $10 and include Taste of Meridian reception. RSVP required: 489-0529.

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  1. Yeah capitalism!

  2. Obama’s speech is free because the Federal Govt steals all they want from us already, and few would pay to hear the Oligarchs Puppet move his lips to the teleprompter script.

    I’m hoping there is a good protester turnout to greet him.

    BTW L.D., It’s not capitalism, it’s now more like the command economy of the bad old USSR on the Federal level, and a good old boys “personal enrichment club” at the local level.

    Just simply substitute the word criminal for politician, and you’d be correct about 90% of the time.

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if he took Bieter with him when he leaves?!?

    The only reason O’ the Bummer would come to Boise is to announce a massive land grab. And perhaps to discover the secrets to Boises lack of inner-city violent crime.

    I’d like to see him kiss some butt over at our very well run VA Hospital too.

    EDITOR NOTE–Etes vous Charlie?

  4. Mayor Dave cut a deal with the chamber to help fill their pockets and thus the charge for the speech.

    Do you really think the mayor could fill a room if it was NOT a chamber function? Who really wants to listen to him?

    It is really just another “pay to be seen” event for the chamber.

  5. Grumpy+ole+Guy
    Jan 18, 2015, 4:00 pm

    The “State of …” speeches are spposed to be the roll-outs or the Leaders’plans for the coming year, and therefor should be addressed to those who will be asked to enact/finance those plans – the legislative unit of that government. It is a public speech and therefor should be a free public event. If such an address is made before any other assembly it is not a “State of …” speech and should not be billed as such.

  6. Econ. 101 preaches; there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. I would be curious to know just how much profit is in these lunch deals.
    As far as Nancolas at no cost, there is a quid pro quo relationship with the College of Idaho. City workers do various chores for the college such as all the work done to prepare the new football filed for the College.
    All done at taxpayer expense.

  7. Back to the Question… No I won’t pay. The text of speeches will be in the print media post all the exciting delivery exercises.

  8. I paid last year but will read all about it in the papers this year. It is a Chamber of Commerce event so they use it as a fundraiser. What has bothered me in the past is number of city employees who show up, presumably still on the clock and at least 2 hours NOT deducted from their personal leave.

  9. Not a peep about Dave’s Train

  10. Speaking of paying to see a mayor, I’m wondering how it was that Dave Bieter just happened to be in Washington DC, on our dime of course, when he begged a ride on Air Farce One with our Beloved Leader. Long shot coincidence?? Saw Bieter babbling his way through a channel 6 interview, he was gushing like someone who just had a personal visit from Jesus. Is he still our mayor, or has he joined forces with the Dark Side? Our little made for tv propaganda show by Obama probably cost us at least $2 million, wondering how much Bieters political stunt cost us? I guess hard times are just for the Proles, not the puppets of the wealthy.

    EDITOR NOTE–Maybe Air Force One will cure the3 train disease.

  11. No I would not pay to hear them speak, it is like paying twice…. paying to hear them talk about their ideas to take more of my money for things that interests them.

  12. J+Smith – total cost for Obama’s visit would be $5-6 Million. Just be glad he didn’t stay longer.

  13. I would pay a great deal to hear him speak his sudden resignation. Otherwise, no

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