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2/3 of Boise Council Appointed Before Election

With Team Dave’s latest appointment to the Boise City Council, all but two members were appointed prior to running as an INCUMBENT.

Scot Ludwig, local developer and lawyer, is Mayor Dave Bieter’s latest appointment to the council. Ludwig was among 32 residents who sought the appointment without election.

Ludwig fills the seat vacated when former councilor Dave Eberle packed his bags and moved to Garden City.

Of the current council, only TJ Thomson and Elaine Clegg ran for the office without being first appointed to fill a vacancy. All of the councilors have since been reelected.

We find it somewhat troubling that 32 people will seek appointment, but when it comes to actually running against an incumbent, it is difficult to find viable candidates.

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  1. Almost makes one think there is some cahootin’ going on between the outgoing official, the mayor, and the incoming officials to ensure the “right” people are always in the majority, doesn’t it.

  2. I do think the State needs to step in. But Butch is so busy trying to raise taxes, that he might approve of Bieterville’s lack of representative government.

    Where do i pick up my free Bieter-phone?

    Extreme Apathy: This kind of thing happens because Suzie Soccer mom and her feminized puppy-dog husband don’t know and don’t care what city they live in… even as they visit the pawn shop to pay taxes.

    “Hun! We need a bigger TV, the 37″ is to small… and granite counter-tops like the neighbor’s.”

  3. That’s the way they want it to happen and plan it that way. The sadder part is that voters do not care and never fix it….which allows it to happen over and over and Team Dave plans on it and takes advantage of it.

  4. money.
    a rational person knows not to spend their own money – needed for a first race- on something they are likely to not win.

    Apply, maybe get lucky (or it’s already planned) and not have to spend money, time, and effort.

    My exposure to the government ‘hiring’ process for management jobs tells me it’s already picked. Just have to go through the process to make it look legit.

    Recent Boise Police Chief hiring… is a good example.

  5. I ran for Boise city council a while back and here are my observations.
    Good candidates get a little money from their friends and family, but cronyism candidates get flooded with money from the wealthy because they’re business friendly and run in the right social circles. Money is needed in large amounts for the advertising to be able to win.
    The local media largely pick the winners, and they don’t like folks who might not be team players, or who might question the statu quo.
    The citizens are intellectually lazy and terrified of change, and do their “voting duty” even though they know little to nothing about the candidates. They mostly just look for who is an incumbent and vote for them.

  6. What do you suggest doing differently?

    EDITOR NOTE–Good point. Each local election we try to highlight how few people actually vote vs the number of potential voters. Sort of makes a mockery of our “warriors” serving in Afghanistan and Iraq to “protect freedom and democracy.” Perhaps we just want the RIGHT to vote, but don’t necessarily wish to exercise it.

  7. Dave Kangas
    Feb 5, 2015, 10:50 am

    Reality is that this not only a local issue but a state issue as well. Look at how many state senators and representatives run unopposed year after year.
    At the same time look at the legislations that come out year after year. One has to wonder how those candidates are actually listening and representing Idahoans vs special interests and National GOP mandates.

  8. Sorry to change the subject but I don’t know how to start the conversation any other way.

    Why does the Mayor continue to buy art from out of state artists? Like what they just did at the airport – bought from some guy in VERMONT?.

    Guess Idaho does not have a single artist that makes the grade.

    EDITOR NOTE–Probably can’t blame Team Dave on this one. If true, it was probably a “committee” decision. We have been critical in the past. Kinda flies in the face of the “10% bonus for local bidders” ordinance.

  9. It always amazes me how in this day and age we still cannot get online voting, nor do incumbents profile themselves really well.

    Oh, I know how it would go. Rather than contract with a vendor, such as Bally’s, everyone who wants or needs a IT job and the associated kickbacks, etc. will want a slice of the pie. Just look no further than the train wreck to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, the day to day hand filed federal retirement system that is very archaic and then the Pentagon and their infamous supply inventory problems.

    We always seem to be able to claim we cannot due anything about it and that is what the wealthy and special interests and lobbyists want. How about we mandate registering voters and giving election day as a holiday?

    We have to register young men to die in the defense of democracy & freedom if the draft were to be reinstated why not mandatory voter registration?

  10. The funny thing about the airport artwork was the statement on local news that “the City didn’t pay for it. It was paid for by the airport.”

  11. DO, Yes good points. In fact why have representatives/commissioners at all. How about direct democratic government via secure electronic interface. A continuous electronic polling of qualified citizens giving direction to a few government contractors. Yes contractors, which expire or can be under-bid rather than grow into the plantar-warts running our wasteful governments today.

    As for the draft. I wonder why the feminists have not complained that only men are registered?

    Our airport? Are the traffic counts still less than 12 years ago? Dang, we should spend more money a fancy stuff to increase business right?

  12. Most entertaining is Zippos comment of “polling of ‘qualified’ citizens”.

    First, we would have to find qualified citizens. Then those 10 people could just meet at a coffee shop.

    There is quite an ample study of the good and bad of actually implementing an electronic voting system- conclusion: good idea that would not work too well.

    erico49, “paid for by the airport” is actually paid by by airport. It operates in a separate budget from the city where the revenues are from users, etc. Kinda like when a kid lives at home and buys a car with “their own money”…

    You can’t fight city hall!

  13. Didn’t I mention this over a month ago, but was then hit with a torrent of criticism about voting or running for office myself…
    Bunch of gas bags on this site…

  14. I didn’t say e-voting sport. I said continuous e-polling of qualified. No more election days and associated manipulations. Considering the entire world, including huge money movements are done with a keyboard, I see no need for the misrepresentation and overspending we suffer at city hall. (Wonder if we can get TeamDave to pony up the numbers for money which never returns to the citizen… ie pensions and perks etc.)

    And “qualified” would be same/similar to those currently eligible to vote… but participation would be so much easier.

    Horse owners made fun of trucks and tractors once upon a time too. I think this concept is the future.

    Can’t fight city hall, but you can de-fund it and contract it’s functions out to people who do what we want them to… and for cheaper too. There is no profitable corporation in this country as top-heavy and wasteful as a typical city.

    So to be clear: Hire a corporation via contract to provide city functions… and control it with continuous citizen input via electronic link.

  15. Can we assume that Buck Jones and Ralph Frazier are no longer on the council?

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