Good News, Bad News

Mostly to allow for some intelligent comments, we offer the following items which transpired in the past day or two.

HORSELESS RACING appears to be reaching the finish line as legislators and legacy media point out the deceptions used to get a 2013 bill passed which allowed slot machines disguised as “instant racing machines.” The GUARDIAN has declared the machines unconstitutional.

–IDAHO SUPREME COURT sent a simple planning and zoning case back to Boise officials after noting they refused to mandate adequate parking in apartments near Lusk Street across Capitol Blvd. from BSU.

–NINTH FEDERAL CIRCUIT COURT pulled the plug on St. Luke’s Hospital merger plan, saying it would limit competition for medical business in Idaho. Legal fees alone will cost a lot of $10 aspirin and tissues.

ST. LUKE’s PLAN to close Jefferson St. in a quest for free land at expense of Boise motorists was denied by city P&Z.

UBER CARS “ride sharing app” took a hit from the City Council when councilors refused to allow the wannabe taxi scheme to operate without first making driver background checks available to the city as well as subjecting cars to inspection–just like real taxis.

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  1. Any one that thinks that “instant racing” is not slot machines needs to go down to the track and take look.

    On KBOI this morning we were told by Paul J.. (who happens to be Chairman of the Idaho racing commission) that horse racing would not survive 1 year without instant racing.

    I guess if they let want instant racing to save the race track… why not the reopen the Old Stage Coach bar and grill. I loved going to the Stage Coach. And I think it could survive if we put slot machines in it.

    Idaho City passed a vote last fall to OK low stakes gaming to help the town survive….. Where is it going to end.

    Oh and some of us old Idaho folks remember the days when we were told the lottery would solve all of the problems with our school.

  2. St. Luke’s and St Als need to be broken up into about 50 small practices, none of which can blow a huge chunk of their expenses on slick advertising and fancy helicopters.

  3. Can’t imaging St. Luke’s didn’t get their way. It’s just a street for gosh sake. We should all bend over and be grateful they chose us to get a freebee from! Expect an overrule by higher-ups on this one.

  4. Rod+in+SE+Boise
    Feb 12, 2015, 12:10 pm

    Uber is a solution to a nonexistant problem.

    I have also heard from people who follow horse racing that it will not survive without the slot machines, at a loss of about 400 jobs.

  5. boise bike share

    what’s up with that?

    More directly what’s up the Director of it getting paid full-time salary while not a whole lot is transpiring about the program. It’s even going in the negative direction. They’re hiring for a maintenance person when the bikes are not even here yet… sounds like a lot of sitting around playing pinochle.

    I predict, it’s gonna be a bad roll-out.

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