DRAFTED! Shameless Literary Pandering

BOOK SIGNING Saturday BOOK SIGNING Saturday Feb. 21 at Cafe Capri 9-11 a.m., Vista Village next to Rite Aid. Enjoy good coffee, conversation, and a good book.

It has taken 45 years, but GUARDIAN editor David R. Frazier has finally published a book about the lighter side of the Vietnam War. The book is entitled “DRAFTED! Vietnam at War and at Peace.”

Readers may recall some brief posts about return visits to Vietnam over the years. DRAFTED! recalls numerous vignettes and anecdotes about Dave Frazier’s Army service in Vietnam. It’s a good read for all ages with some little known insights and lots of pictures made during the war and on recent post war visits.

As a young man Frazier had up close and personal encounters with former presidential candidate Gov. George Romney, Gen. William Westmoreland, and U.S. Army Major Al Thomas who armed and trained Ho Chi Minh in 1945 to fight Japan. Those yarns make for interesting reading.

I couldn’t put the book down. It is a great read! I’m about ten years before your “induction” into the service, but your description of the basic training as a draftee exactly described my experiences as a draftee, ten years earlier. The remainder of the book is a wonderful mix of humor and pathos, and I could not stop reading. You have the gift of knowing how much to say and how to say it that pulls the reader into the moment. I observed Viet Nam as a civilian, and there is no question that it was the tragedy and national mistake you experienced.

On a lighter note, you obviously mastered the art of “wheeling and dealing,” which I have always admired and envied. Congratulations on a great achievement.

You can get DRAFTED! at RIDENBAUGH PRESS for $15.95 or on AMAZON

BOOK SIGNING Saturday Feb. 21 at Cafe Capri 9-11 a.m., Vista Village next to Rite Aid. Enjoy good coffee, conversation, and a good book.

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  1. Thumbs up….I always like “a little different slant”.

  2. Dave, you should’ve taken some literary license, and added a few embellished anecdotes toward the end – you know, going back in with Rambo to bring some boys home. That day you visited the gun department at Walmart and had a sudden flashback and started mowin’ down civilians, etc.

    Just for kicks, I checked for the book on There’s a “look inside” that allows the prospective buyer to read the first few pages. Looks like good reading!

    (I was lucky, coming along a few years later, and my birthday was #320 of the 365 days of the year. Big sigh of relief!)

    You should offer to autograph the book for Boise Guardian readers!

    Merry Christmas, and God bless us every one.

    EDITOR NOTE–Once I get some copies in hand I will gladly offer them up and autograph them.

  3. Viet-who?? Is that in Iraq?

    I hear your book’s successful emergence on the market recently has led to massive demonstrations by historically illiterate students. They’re holding anti-Vietnam war protests with coordinated e-mailing campaigns. They’re making demands to “Stop the Vietnam War Now”!

    School districts and Universities have agreed to study to problem and will consider replacing the current semesters dedicated to Jessie Jackson and Rap Music with something touching on America’s recent foreign policy activities.

    EDITOR NOTE: I have seen Vietnam at war and at peace. Peace is better.

  4. Dave,

    Thanks for your service – both military and this website. I greatly enjoy the discourse, even if you guys are wrong most of the time. 🙂

  5. I will be getting a copy and a copy for each of my kids!

  6. This is obviously a repeat post but I I read bikboy’s comment above and it makes me think of the Brian Williams story going on now.
    A “few embellished stories”…

    Guardian, what do you think of the NBC news story and the “punishment”?

    I say, ‘nothing bad about few good sea stories’.

    EDITOR NOTE–Easterner, EVERYTHING in the book is true and it doesn’t need embellishment… I have pictures to document it. No heroics and no blood and guts. I have had a great life and thousands of noteworthy encounters. As for Brian Williams, he was foolish to stretch the truth. He didn’t need to stretch to appear cool. Sad to see him go from the top of the heap to six feet under so fast.

  7. You don’t say what time at Café Capri. Across the street at Quinns the Marine Corps League meets on Saturdays for breakfast from 8 to 10. You should come over and join us. It would be great.

    Editor Note–I will be there by 8! Thanks for the invite. The gig at Cafe Capri is 9-11 a.m.

  8. Mike masterson
    Feb 20, 2015, 8:23 pm

    Congrats. I know you don’t like talking about yourself but I know you have a Few public engagements coming up at a library and at the cloverdale funeral home you may wish to mention. Still reading your personally autographed copy of the book And learning something new each day. Thanks

  9. Grumpy ole Guy
    Feb 20, 2015, 9:01 pm

    Having read at a sneak peak preview of this book I can give it an “all thumbs up” rating. Good job. And yes, I was one of those who marched against that, and all wars since.

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