Legislator Fails Sex Ed 101

Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri will forever be known as “Wrong Hole Vito” after he questioned a physician during a House State Affairs Committee hearing Monday.

Legislators were considering a bill to ban doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing medication via telemidicine. According to published AP reports, Barbieri asked Dr. Julie Madsen if doctors could conduct a remote gynecological exam by having a woman swallow a small camera.

The doctor replied that swallowed pills (or cameras apparently) do not end up in the vagina. “Wrong Hole Vito” joined a dozen other republicans to approve the bill banning the pills.

According to news reports, Barbieri sits on the board of a crisis pregnancy center in northern Idaho.

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  1. Grumpy ole Guy
    Feb 23, 2015, 10:29 pm

    One of the things I have noted over the last few years is the near complete ignorance of the human reproductive system of many of the anti-abortion crowd (mostly, but not entirely, men). There is the state legislator in Louisiana who thought that rape kits could prevent pregnancy without preforming an abortion; the Minnesota one who believed it was impossible to become pregnant as the result of incest and ever and ever on. No wonder sex education is opposed, these idiots don’t understand the need for it, they confuse understanding the act of intercourse with knowledge of a complicated system of reproduction and both the physiological and emotional reactions which accompany it.

    Stupid is as stupid does. And, by God, in Idaho we stand firmly by our own Stupid every time.

  2. My body was in complete turmoil when I heard this story. I wasn’t sure if I would wet myself with laughter or barf up my guts because this guy is really a legislator. Will the good people of District 2A PLEASE do the state a big favor and recall this dim bulb!

  3. No surprise considering Idaho has some of the most Draconian laws regarding sex in this country.

  4. This is what happens when you glorify religion and push science into the shadows, you get people who are often wrong, but always certain. We need a new law in Idaho making it illegal for a man to talk of issues that only effect women. Thinking our legislators would live in caves and drag their women around by the hair if they weren’t in the spotlight.

  5. J Smith, in case you too are lacking in your reproductive and parenting knowledge, the issue of pregnancy and fatherhood also affects men. Teamwork.

    Add the extension of this issue to fathers rights, combined with child support.
    An unwed birth claiming child support is a big injustice to men without the right to decide on terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

  6. It’s the “Idaho Is Stupid” Show! Now playing nearly every day to a head-shaking entire world. I wish I wasn’t so anchored to this place. We are the laughingstock and we deserve every bit of it.

  7. Mr. Barbieri claims that his question was just rhetorical and that he really does understand the difference between the reproductive and digestive systems. Ok, fine.

    It makes no difference, however, whether Barbieri is truly biologically confused or if he was indeed being snarky, sarcastic and rhetorical; either scenario should not be expected from an elected public official.

    Barbieri displays an all too common trait among many Idaho legislators: unmitigated arrogance. He seems to have forgotten what legislators are supposed to do; be deliberative, yet respectful of the citizens who sent him to the Capitol. He should drop the Judge Judy persona and mentality. It doesn’t suit him, or any other legislator very well.

    The doctor who was just trying to testify about a piece of proposed legislation did not deserve the disrespect that Mr. Barbieri not so cleverly dished out. It should come as no real surprise, though. This is the same committee that “heard” three days of testimony, overwhelmingly in support of adding the words to the Idaho Human Rights Act, yet wouldn’t even vote to take the issue to the full legislature.

    Mr. Barbieri and the rest of the folks at the Statehouse should just leave the self-righteous stuff at home and come to Boise to do just the important business of the people. That is: Fixing any laws that need fixing (like the Human Rights Act) and to carefully consider what services the state absolutely needs to provide and how we pay for them. God, guns and glory should not even be in the playbook.

  8. He made a good point. Modern doctors/hospitals are like mechanics who want to bill you for a car they never touched or even looked at.

  9. Stop the doctor worship! It’s past time to take doctors off the pedestal. Their industry has an unbelievable high failure/death rate. And an unbelievable high expense for what they produce. Healthcare in America is an error prone dangerous/deadly embarrassment, when compared to any other industry. Why do you think the biggest employers in Idaho, nearly monopolies, still spend gazillions on happy-face advertizing?? It’s a snow job. Wise up, educate, protect yourself.

  10. Mr. Barbieri is the most Right Wing legislator in the entire group. He desires to control everyone else to fit his beliefs and has no room for anyone who thinks differently from him. Sad to say he has a lot of compatriots just like him and its even more sad that he continues to get elected. They must be morons like him.

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