Was Madam Secretary In Stealth Mode?

If Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James actually came to Boise last week, she must have been in “stealth mode” or operating from a drone below the local radar.

AF Sec. Deborah L. James

USAF Sec. Deborah L. James

Checking with the local newsies, the GUARDIAN has yet to find a single reporter who could confirm the Air Force Secretary actually appeared in Boise last week. Three TV stations, a radio station, and the Daily Paper all covered the “visit,” but nobody saw Madam Secretary. Col. Tim Marsano, spokesman for the Idaho National Guard, told the GUARDIAN she spoke to about 1,000 Guard members.

The politicos who are “cheering for the home team,” (to prevent the Air Guard being based in Mountain Home) claim they saw her, but when a TV station sought promised pictures of her from one of the congressional delegation, they were told pictures were not permitted. The Air Force told the senator’s office they couldn’t take pictures??

They all claimed there was “tremendous support” to keep the Air Guard at Gowen Field. Interesting no members of the media or the public were able to see her. Past reports and comments on the GUARDIAN would indicate there is a significant opposition to the future posting of F-35 fighters in Boise. We find it sad her visit was so orchestrated that no media or anyone agreeing with the Air Force proposal to combine the IANG with the active units at Mt. Home AFB were allowed contact with her.

She’s not a bad looking secretary, so we’re surprised she is so camera shy.

Here’s what we posted LAST YEAR.

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  1. They may be closing Mountain Home AFB, and transferring all operations to Boise. It would probably save them money, which is good, because the F35 is going to cost a Bazillion bucks a copy. I’m going to be waiting for the announcement after they station the F15’s here “just for the summer” saying that the runway will cost too much to repair. It would be insane to station jet as loud as the F35 anywhere near a major city like Boise. The F15’s are too loud to be here as well. Goodbye property values!
    This whole thing stinks. How did we become one of three choices when there are so many better potential bases around the country. Dave Bieter knows that those around the airport don’t vote for him, so we don’t matter when it comes to noise and a decimated quality of life. I would strongly consider leaving Boise, and probably Idaho, and take my business with me if they turn this into a AFB with town with the screech of afterburners as a soundtrack.

  2. J Smith.. cue the “Sound of freedom” posts.

  3. J Smith, where do you think you would go that is better?

    Up we go, into the wild blue yonder…

    Pro Air Force.
    Pro jet noise.

  4. Foothills Rider
    Feb 24, 2015, 10:22 am

    “She’s not a bad looking secretary, so we’re surprised she is so camera shy.”

    Really Dave? I would have expected more from you than a rhetorical sexist comment. You wouldn’t have said any such thing if this had been a man.

    EDITOR NOTE–Comment was absolutely intended to be inflammatory. I was attempting to do whatever it takes to draw her out. All photos had to be cleared by the Dept. of Air Force, etc. No sexist comment intended. I am offended, appalled, and unhappy that none of us commoner civilians were given a chance to meet her. Ironically, those who supposedly did meet her spend their time in Washington, D.C. Even the mayor made a couple trips to D.C. and took a ride on the Air Force big plane. She was dealing a stacked deck to a friendly table where the house made the rules.

    My apologies if the remark sounded sexist. For the record, I would have made the same comment for a male secretary.

  5. This really is a heck of a story, and I fear for the Gaurdians health. Those who shine a light on the strange discrepancies in government are dying of heart attacks, improbable suicides, and accidents at a very abnormal rate. Our “Representative Republic” is no more, and the dark side is strenghthening every day. If it wasn’t for the Gaurdians of this world, we’d have no insight as to what was really going on, and little chance of ever reclaiming a government that is working in the interest of the people, and not just the enrichment of the few. Thank you so much!

  6. Wow Mr Guardian

    as the saying goes….Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….. Have you had your eyes checked lately?

  7. The nuke mission is gone forever from MHAFB. Therefore, Boise is about to have a very noisy AFB replacement shoved up it’s rear without public consent by TeamDave and the Federal politicos. Keep in mind that most AFB activities are at night and they’ve never ever had a noisier aircraft than the F-35. It’s so loud that people in traditional AFB towns who initially welcomed it are suing their own employer over noise.

  8. From the inside – she was never here.

    EDITOR NOTE–We have had an assortment of government staffers at the city, the Air Guard, who tell us she was in Boise as well as Mt. Home. Still no pictures, not even a “selfie.”

    The ironic aspect is the USAF is the entity seeking to consolidate the Gowen mission with that of MHAFB. Seems as though the USAF Secy would want to hear from a cross section of Boise folks.

  9. Zippo…. when were nukes ever at Mtn Home? I got news for ya… theres never been a WSA at Mtn Home.

  10. Rick, Wrong.

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