Horseless Racing At The Finish Line

Only a last minute gallop in the form of a gubernatorial veto will save Idaho’s horseless racing from being pulled off the track.
Horse race in Boise, Idaho. horse, race, jocky, competition, ride, track, run, sport, turf, jockey

The Idaho House voted by more than two to one odds (49-21) to repeal the so-called instant racing currently being conducted on slot machines at three Idaho facilities. The bill earlier passed the Senate on a 25-9 vote.

With such a solid opposition and many legislators saying they were duped when they approved the machines two years ago, it is unlikely Gov. Butch Otter will protect the three groups running the gambling establishments at Post Falls, Boise, and Idaho Falls with a veto.

Slot machines are prohibited by the Idaho Constitution.

The GUARDIAN has written extensively about the machines over the past few years.

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  1. Unlikely? Go back and see who donated to governors last campaign.

    Good thing he isn’t running for re-election….or will he?

    EDITOR NOTE–If those who voted stay loyal to their own votes, they have enough to override a veto
    in both houses.

  2. Grumpy ole Guy
    Mar 26, 2015, 7:48 pm

    I think that when Legislators say they were duped, it is highly unlikely they would vote to uphold a veto. I doubt Gov. Otter can be persuasive enough in such a case – but, I’ve been wrong about such thing before.

  3. say good bye to the slots. Even if the gov veto’s it the body will override it.

  4. “If those who voted stay loyal to their own votes, they have enough to override a veto in both houses.”

    But if Otter waits until Sine Die to veto will enough legislators return to Boise to vote to override?

    EDITOR NOTE–The thought did cross our mind. What a great heyday for the media and recall crowd!

  5. This should be very interesting. You got a cowboy on one side of the fence and a bunch of Indians on the other. Are they going to reach across the fence and shake hands or pull out guns and bows and arrows and start another Nez Perce war. Where is Chief Joesph when we need him?

    EDITOR NOTE–Probably fair to say without a constitutional amendment, “There shall be no slot machines forever.”

  6. I’d personally rather have some slot machines most folks were unaware of than a state monopoly on gambling that is advertised so heavily that it is inescapable. The folks who dump their money down the lottery rathole are mostly the poor who definitely shouldn’t be wasting their few dollars.

    EDITOR NOTE–Both the slots and Uber Cars are over having a very tight group control a market.

  7. Rod in SE Boise
    Mar 30, 2015, 12:26 pm

    I saw two full page ads in the Sunday Statesman (3-29) in support of horse racing/slots.

  8. All I can say is it is a slippery slope. Idaho City (Boise County) passed a referendum this fall to allow low stakes gambling in the city limits of Idaho City. Trust me folks Idaho City is dying…. maybe more so than horse racing. If you are going to save horse racing why not Idaho City. Same state constitution. Is horse racing jobs more important than the jobs in Idaho City?

    I’m sure that you can point your fingers at other cities and jobs that need to be saved.

    Where do you draw the line…. or if you cross the line do you open up many other problems.

    I think if you want instant horse racing slot machines or other forms of gambling you should change the Idaho constitution so you can help other areas that are dying..

    That way every one is equal. Not just state run gambling or horse racing.

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