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ISP Brass Tarnished With DUI Charge

Kudos to the Idaho State Police with their press release today detailing the arrest of one of its top command officers for DUI. A difficult issue to face, but better to be open than attempt a cover-up.
Here is the release:

MERIDIAN – Idaho State Police have placed Major Clark Rollins on administrative leave following his arrest Wednesday evening for misdemeanor driving under the influence and misdemeanor unlawful transportation of an alcoholic beverage. The arrest was made by the Meridian Police Department after Rollins was pulled over for a traffic violation.

In addition to criminal proceedings, Rollins is subject to an internal investigation regarding applicable polices of the Idaho State Police.

The Idaho State Police demand the highest professional conduct from its officers both on and off duty.

While Rollins is “presumed innocent,” it has to be noted the conviction rate for driving under the influence charges is between 90% and 99%.

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  1. wow!

  2. Bieter Begone
    Mar 26, 2015, 11:37 am

    He doesn’t look like a happy drunk.

  3. I must say that I am quite surprised, and pleasantly surprised at that!!!

    Did the Major do something to perturb and anger the Meridian police?

    And, what was the BAC and other pertinent factors in the arrest? Did he fail the so-called “sobriety” tests, or did he refuse to do those inane things?

    And, why was he stopped in the first place? Because it was 3:00 am??? Or, was he “varying his speed excessively”? Or, did he fail to signal a turn? Or, did he have a light out? Or, did his eyes “just not seem right”??????

  4. It would be an interesting study of the 1-10% of the charges not convicted.

    EDITOR NOTE–With video, audio recordings, breath test etc. it is a hard one to beat. Most
    not convicted stem from after the fact arrests in accidents, other injuries causing dizziness
    speech impairment not caused by the booze, etc. Rare to get off these days.

  5. Pleasantly surprised Steve? Why? Because a cop got busted? Not sure what fuels your absolute hatred of cops, but some restraint might be in order. The guy made a mistake. It isn’t as if he perjured himself in court, or showed up to work high on prescription meds or drunk, or took a citizen’s personal property when he wasn’t supposed to or drunkenly left the scene of an accident, or failed to investigate a felony crime, or scammed the city out of thousands of dollars, or took drug money, guns and dope, or worked at some kind of non police employment while he was supposed to be working or any number of scenarios that would make it obvious that he was a crook. He had couple too many, probably thought he was good enough to drive and had a roadie. Now tell me honestly that you never in your entire life made a similar mistake. When cop do screwup,they need to be held to a higher standard than the average guy simply because of the power they hold. But i don’t jump up and down with joy in situations like this. The guys career is over….and there are not many civilian jobs where you get fired for driving over the legal limit. He more than likely will and he just might have been a helluva guy.

  6. What goes around comes around right Clark?

    “In addition to criminal proceedings, Rollins is subject to an internal investigation regarding applicable polices of the Idaho State Police.”

    EDITOR NOTE–Off topic comments regarding a 14-year-old case were deleted from this post.

  7. Blaskowitz, If cops responded to regular citizens with the understanding and compassion that you display for the cops, then maybe there wouldn’t be this ever growing hatred for cops. Maybe some of this hatred is baseless, maybe some of it is too far. But one thing is certain, and that is there is a growing epidemic of Us Vs. Them. And this disparity between the cops and the people will continue to grow until cops like this Major understand that they are not above the law. Driving with an open container, especially when one is in a position of authority as this guy was, is nothing more then a blatant disregard for the law.
    It is most certainly NOT what you call, a “mistake”. He should be punished ten fold what a normal citizen would get in a similar situation. Because he damn well knew better, and he doesn’t have a single excuse.

    EDITOR NOTE–Careful. He truly is presumed innocent at this point. TOPIC WARNING AGAIN! This comment is OK, but let’s not get into the anti-cop or comments will be closed.

  8. Kudos to Meridian PD for applying the law equally.

    EDITOR NOTE–Sorry, but we had to close this post to comments because they were off topic.

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