EPA: “Neptune, Gateway Parks Violate EPA Asbestos Rules”


The United States Environmental Protection Agency has found Ryan Neptune and his Gateway Parks LLC in violation of the “National Emission Standard For Asbestos.” The EPA has issued a compliance order for demolition of the old Lazy J Tavern site owned by Neptune on Old Highway 55 adjacent to the Eagle Gateway Park. The order calls for keeping the demo material wet and disposing of the material at a site authorized to accept such waste.

The EPA warned that violation of the order could cause him to be subject to criminal or civil penalties. Any violation of this Order may result in a civil administrative or judicial action for an injunction or civil penalties of up to $37,500 per day per violation, or both. THE COMPLETE ORDER is Gateway Parks CAA Compliance Order Signed 4-8-2015.

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  1. Neptune is getting an initial “get out of jail” card. If he complies he probably won’t get fined. Asbestos abatement isn’t cheap. But not complying isn’t a financially viable option. Whether he can come up with the funds to deal with the demo debris removal and disposal is another question given reports of a shaky financial situation. He should have not done demolition, that would have kept him out of this mess.

  2. Aggrieved Party
    Apr 15, 2015, 10:26 am

    Forgiveness is far harder to get than permission when it comes to DEQ required cleanup of hazardous materials. Ryan may have indemified the previous owner at the time of sale, but I would like to think his crack team of attorneys made sure that he never made such an “newby to real estate mistake” like that! Doing one’s own demolition with a rented backhoe smacks of a low to no budget approach to dealing with the problems on this property. Some of the 216k in “loans” he received should have gone to a qualified demo company who could have prevented all these problems from the start. I smell a bankruptcy with the costs of remediation laid at the feet of the nearest municipality or county government to pay. (Again). Anyone want to buy a lightly used snow park venue complete with snow making machines? In the words of Meatloaf, “I want my money back!”

  3. Maybe they can shove the whole place into that magic trash burner thingy the county dump bought a couple years ago…. a few old tires and some oxygen should get it hot enough…. wait till the wind is blowing toward Oregon though.

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