Three Votes For Two Sheriff Candidates

When Ada Sheriff Gary Raney announced his resignation last month, the heir apparent seemed to be Steve Bartlett, a current captain and former “Chief” of the Eagle department run under contract by the Ada sheriff.
While they only have “nominating power,” the Republican Central Committee offered up the name of former Captain Randy Folwell, who retired in 2011 after 28 years, as their first choice to replace Raney. Bartlett was Raney’s choice, but the R folks said Folwell was their #1 guy.

Under Idaho law, when an elected county official leaves office before an election, the commishes appoint a replacement until the next election. This could be interesting because the commishes haven’t always agreed with some of Raney’s decisions. Even though they control only the purse strings of the sheriff’s department, both Jim Tibbs and David Case have law enforcement backgrounds.

Commissioners could select either of the two men and will have up to 15 days to make the appointment.

Raney is resigning at the end of June to take a job with the U.S. Department of Justice where he will provide problem-solving assistance to law enforcement agencies seeking federal help to improve their departments.

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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE select someone that is NOT a Raney friend!!!!!!

    Despite what the daily rag says about all the wonders of the former sheriff he has been a smug thug with anyone and everyone who did not see his personal view.

    He had a habit of paying more for stuff than he needed to by going around purchasing rules just to reward or punish….check the jail food service RFP among others. If a Raney pick is selected even more trash will surface.

    ANYONE that is NOT a Raney pick is better for Ada County.

    EDITOR NOTE–We allowed the content of this comment as it questions the actions of an elected official. We have deleted a personal portion which is inappropriate for the GUARDIAN.

  2. Frankenstein Government
    May 27, 2015, 5:52 pm

    See editor note above.

    I quit commenting here because of the arbitrary application of “commenting rules.”

    There is severability. You are not responsible for the content of your commenters.

    I’m a free speech guy. The only comments (4 total) that I have ever bounced happened because of malicious “you’re a **cking pig” type of virulent comments which are insane on any venue.

    Dave why don’t you let readers decide what is “inappropriate” content or do you need to maintain a stranglehold on content which might otherwise prove useful?

    EDITOR NOTE–The comment was highly personal and had nothing to do with the topic.

  3. Grumpy ole Guy
    May 27, 2015, 7:21 pm

    I realize that some form for replacement of incumbents has to be made and maintained; however, I’ve never quite understood the method of a county doing so under Idaho Law. A group selects 3 names, then another, this time, publically elected group decided from among those original 3. Seems a system fraught with potential tangles.

  4. Editor –

    There are many of us in law enforcement that are aware of behaviors that have taken place by the Mr. Raney within the ranks of those that are employed in the office that some would call highly personal. Why? Because he made then such. But because they occurred with in his office and with those that were – or are employed there they may be not be all that “unknown”.

    What Von wrote may be something that the vast majority of the force already knows about….very likely in fact.

    My only comment is that it has not been uncommon for Mr. Raney to have to get legal counsel before asking the county commissioners to act on his demands – especially in purchasing. It allows him to cover his backside and hide from public records because a lawyer was involved.

    Also having your personal information officer to “protect and defend” you personally has kept many items from the light of day.

  5. Frankenstein. What blog do you write?

  6. “problem-solving assistance to law enforcement agencies seeking federal help to improve their departments”

    There’s a government title!

  7. What Easterner said! And Mr. Raney will probably have a “Chief Deputy Problem-Solving Assistant to Law Enforcement Agencies Seeking Federal Help to Improve their Departments.”

    That’s why we’re $18 trillion in debt.

  8. Bartlett has only served as Captain for SEVEN months. His promotion skipped the Lieutenant role and he went from Sergeant to Captain…does this happen for everyone or just a Raney pick?

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