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Ada Property Values Up About 6%

Ada County tax assessment notices have hit mailboxes of property owners and there shouldn’t be too much sticker shock.

The median increase was just under 6%–this means that half the values increased more than 6% and half less than 6% (or decreased). It also means there could be some really big increases or decreases.

We have jokingly suggested that anyone who is upset with a big increase contact the board at the College of Western Idaho. That institution has agreed to pay almost three times the assessed value of 10 acres of land on W. Main in Boise. They claim in media reports that assessed values are very often much lower than the market rates.

The assessor is required under Idaho law to appraise property at “market value.”

Assessed values are used as the basis for property taxes which are LEVIED by cities, schools, highway districts and other local units of government. Once budgets are set–with a limit of 3% increase–local elected commissioners and councilors establish how much of a “levy rate” will be needed to balance the budget.

The typical combined tax rate in Boise is about 1.7% of assessed value. It is much higher in Canyon County because values are lower, but costs are similar.

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  1. Cowpoke twice removed
    May 28, 2015, 6:44 pm

    Good article, bad headline. Assessed value does not directly translate to taxes. There could be 0% increase, (not very likely), or the increase could exceed 6%. One thing is for certain, nobody knows what the increase will be right now.

    EDITOR NOTE–You and Erico are correct–bad headline has been fixed. I explained it well, but didn’t do the headline well at all!

  2. The taxes are not up 6%. The assessed valuation is up 6%. How that affects taxes remains to be seen.

    EDITOR NOTE–You are correct–bad headline has been fixed. I explained it well, but didn’t do the headline well at all!

  3. As soon as I read the title, CWI came to mind 🙂

  4. Grumpy ole Guy
    May 28, 2015, 11:58 pm

    I know from 30+ years experience living in Ada County, that when the tax notices are mailed there will be an outcry of some size and wailing and gnashing of teeth. I would like to say, ahead of time, that I think we have been very, very fortunate to have Bob McQuade as our Assessor. His rational, in no way political, approach to the law and to the dictates of the various taxing commissioners has been nothing, if not exemplary. Proud to have him in place.
    No, I am not a part of any political party or organization.

  5. Budget process:
    Step 1. What was last years?
    Step 2. Add 3%.
    Step 3. Done.

    So where was the highest increase in value?
    (other than large parcels of empty land along the river)

  6. Northend will be up higher(10-15%) as houses are selling like hotcakes.

  7. We recently had our property appraised and it came out about 7% higher than the assessed value on the notice. We live in West Boise.

  8. Uhmm mine went up 17.5%???? And I’m in the county :/

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