Pine Tree Cut To Look Like Cell Tower?

Amazing how talented the local tree trimmers are these days when it comes to topiary. This tall pine near Federal Way and Vista Ave. in Boise looks just like a cell phone tower.cell tower pine

The cell tower in rural France is hard to recognize in this shot, but the French have a reputation for being good artists.Cell site tower camouflaged as a pine tree in Northern France.

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  1. The one on Federal way is very ugly…. Just saying

  2. Idahocrystal
    Jun 3, 2015, 8:52 am

    They’ve been doing this for years up north – Google Coeur d’Alene cell tower tree images for a look at one of the more obvious towers.
    Some question whether they’re actually cell towers or intercepts, but I really don’t care if LE wants to listen to my calls – in fact, I hope the calls with my dad and MIL are just as torturous for them. Maybe I’ll have to start blurting out random terrorist-related words and phrases just so the folks might get a little excitement. = >

  3. Foothills Rider
    Jun 3, 2015, 12:37 pm

    YEARS of such. Look up “monopine” and “monopalm” as examples. Many cities’ DRB or even city code require them for any new cell tower installation.

  4. It took a real genius to make a cell tower even more ugly.

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