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Boise Top Cop Moves To City

Bill BonesJust a short note to give a shout out to Boise Police Chief Bill Bones for showing respect to the citizens with a sensitive personal gesture.

Once Bones was selected by the mayor and confirmed by the council to replace the retired Mike Masterson, Bones moved from his suburban home into new digs within the City limits. Sure, he got a raise, but we find it refreshing to have a department head live and pay taxes in the community where he works.

We won’t give up his address, but he gets a well deserved GUARDIAN kudos.

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  1. I heard this previous neighborhood was soaked with criminals and immoral characters- but, those were just his co-workers.

    “Sensitive” personal gesture? ha!

    It could go either way:
    If you are a king, do you want live within your moat or outside your moat?

  2. Maybe he will “discover” that there are crimes being committed all the time that are ignored if he lives here. Ear shattering motorcycles with illegal mufflers, or none at all, car repair shops in residential areas, crooked politicians, etc…

  3. I agree good on him. Now if the BPD cop who lives in Nampa/Caldwell would either move to Boise or be required to drive his own car back and forth instead of the cities it might be even nicer.

  4. Certain specialties in the department have take home cars, due to being on call. They are allowed to drive a certain distance. There are a few that live further then that distance. They leave their take homes at work.

    EDITOR NOTE–If only that were true! There are right at 150 take home cars at BPD–more than half the force. There simply are not that many specialists needing cars. It is truly a can of worms that no one wishes to open up. The majority of the take homes are unmarked, so you don’t even know they are out there. There have been some reforms over the years like making those who live in Mt. Home leave the car at #12 fire station. The hardest one for us to accept is the dog handler who lives nearly 50 miles from the station in the back woods of Boise County. A former motorcycle copper lived in Boise County as well.

  5. A can of worms.

    The inside story/information is always the can of worms.

    When there are bad things going on, the people who know about it are usually the people benefiting from it, so they have no reason to open the can of worms.

    Reflect back to the mortgage fiasco. The mortgage lenders were the people who knew first hand of the mess – Example: “This person is buying a house they can’t afford so their income is faked in order for the sale to go through. Hey, I’m making money so what do I care?”

    Apply that to Boise Police. Hey I’m driving the “company car” for free and so are a lot of other people. I don’t want to speak up about how wrong this is… so I drive it”.

    Boise police is just one piece to the LEO clusterbomb.
    Let’s not forget the recent “personal use of seized assets”.

    And who was cheering Masterson’s tenure?

    And when it comes to excess vehicles, Boise Fire could open a car dealership.

  6. Bieter Begone
    Jun 7, 2015, 5:23 pm

    J smith is right on. Ear shattering motorcycles are everywhere in boise, the “livable” city.

  7. I know for a fact there is at least one motor cycle cop who live in Nampa/Caldwell and takes his bike home.. he even attempts to run traffic on 84 in canyon county.

  8. Ok Editor, getting a little off topic here, put your foot down!!

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