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Fiery Finale For Fourth

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  1. Grumpy ole Guy
    Jul 5, 2015, 5:18 am

    Very nice photo, thanks. And, happy hot holiday to you, and all.

  2. Fantastic photos, Dave! Keep the day job!

  3. This year was the first time in maybe 25 years I didn’t go watch the Boise fireworks. No loss though, it was like a war zone all around my house. One neighbor lit off legal amped illegal fireworks from 3pm till after 11pm, and another had a LOT of Roman candles and artillery shells going off for an hour. Plenty to see right in the Vista neighborhood.
    Thinking Idaho should pass a law for marijuana like they have for illegal fireworks. You could buy whatever you want, but need to sign a form saying you will smoke it outside the state of Idaho. Silly legislators…

  4. Eagle Writer
    Jul 5, 2015, 7:17 pm

    A very nice 4th. The Idaho Statesman printed the Declaration of Independence, verbatim. I’ll admit it has been a few years since I read every word of it. It was very inspiring and uplifting.

    An evening spent in the subdivision streets with neighbors talking politics, Greece, the DOW, etc. There were lots of Roman candles and artillery shells exploding in the late afternoon and through the night.

    Later, as my wife and I walked in the dark and watched them explode over our beautiful city we visited about “…the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air..” What it must have been like then…

    Dave, you captured the images, and the rockets captured the spirit. What a glorious day of celebration!

  5. Great pics, thanks for posting. I went to AM Park for the first time in years and they are way more impressive up close than the distant location I had viewing them from.

    But now for the rest of the story. The story no one dare touch. None of the local blogs or MSM dare and I’m sure I’m going to be called a Commie for bad mouthing the 4th of July, but…

    There was tons of garbage left behind all over the place. Not just in the park but also in every public and private parking lot within a half mile of the park.

    For an anti-tax blog, it’s interesting how there was no mention on what the fireworks and the cleanup cost the taxpayer. How is a fireworks show any different than GBAD funding a convention center or new Hawks Stadium?

    EDITOR NOTE–You hit a raw nerve Cynic! We are NOT anti-tax. We stand for the rights of citizens. We favor “open space” and conservation areas, but not exclusively to the foothills. We oppose growth for the sake of growth. We oppose CCDC diverting taxes for the benefit of developers. We oppose a slick developer duping local governments to subsidize stadiums for their private gain. We do NOT oppose fair taxes appropriately spent. We also oppose littering whether it be beer bottles or fireworks trash… but when leaders seek “increased density,” litter is the fallout.

  6. Great photos Guardian!
    Do you have a full-blown photo website, like a Flickr or something that shows all your best photos?

    “Litter is the fallout” of people– increased density and no density.

    EDITOR NOTE– the DAVID R. FRAZIER PHOTOLIBRARY, INC. commercial website is at there are about 35,000 images…use the search engine on the site.

  7. It is nice to see such fireworks displays in honor of $1500 rebates on new cars and no interest, no payments on a new living room set for 3 years!!!

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