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Circus vs Zoo Debate Sparks Passion

When we posted the previous story (scroll down) we were intrigued that Boise City Councilor TJ Thomson opposed the exhibition of animals in the circus, so we asked about his position on the captive critters at Zoo Boise.

Thomson offered an explanation of his feelings about the circus vs the zoo. A careful read shows he doesn’t take a strong stand, but seeks a discussion on the topic. What followed has been an interesting outpouring of support for Thomson.

There have been passionate comments from anti-circus folks, several condemning ALL circuses as animal abusers. However, none of them is willing to toss TJ under the bus for being one of the officials who spends public money to cage exotic animals. In short, he has a well oiled political machine and takes advantage of the social media.

There has been a good exchange of ideas, despite a few conclusions about “gluten-free” diets toward the liberals. So far, no comments about gun nuts or right-to-lifers.

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  1. I don’t understand your third paragraph. Can you elaborate? It doesn’t follow (in my mind) that none of the commenters would throw Thomson under the bus for the zoo because of his machine and his taking advantage of social media.

    EDITOR NOTE–At least one commenter said she did not support either the circus or zoo, but she was not critical of TJ’s support of the zoo.

  2. Bieter Begone
    Jul 13, 2015, 6:53 am

    I doubt TJ takes a strong stand on anything. Even his signature issue is a clone of michelle obama and when he faced opposition on fast food near high schools, he caved immediately.

    He’s good about spending our tax dollars though!

  3. “However, none of them is willing to toss TJ under the bus for being one of the officials who spends public money to cage exotic animals.”

    Guardian, I was thinking the same thing.
    But of course — making a generalization here- that would be liberals being critical of liberals. In Idaho that would awful!
    Not too mention they are all “friends” on Facebook.

    Imagine if Governor Otter went out on a limb to protest a movie at the local theater – a movie that promoted discrimination. How many of the city council members would be “on him” for protesting against discrimination while at the same not being in favor of ‘marriage equality…. oh the uproar!

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