Where Are Boise Council, Mayor Candidates

Unlike the Republican presidential race which is 15 months away, no one seems interested in running for office in the city of trees.

Dave Bieter is already calling around begging for campaign donations, grabbing air time during the recent soccer match promotion and not a single person has even offered so much as a hint of running against him.

Three council seats are up for grabs, but there is so little interest most folks–including the GUARDIAN–didn’t even realize we have a city election November 3.

Councilor Lauren McLean has served on the Boise City Council since January 2011 and we hear she is the lone candidate who has announced she will run for re-election.

Scot M. Ludwig is a local developer and lawyer who was appointed in the past year when Dave Eberle moved to Garden City. Even though he left town, Eberle still sits on the CCDC urban renewal board.

Elaine Clegg was elected to the Boise City Council in 2003 and re-elected in 2007 and 2011. With no opposition, she is likely to run again.

No doubt the incumbents will claim there is so much approval of their actions, no one has announced. The filing window at City Hall opens August 24 through September 4. If a candidate for public office runs unopposed, it is little different than sham elections in places with a single dictator or communist party.

Intellectually, we probably have one of the smarter councils on record. Now, if we could just get them some corrective lenses to improve their view of certain issues we could have “the most livable city in America” and not just be, “the most remote city of its size.”

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  1. I’d run for office, but I don’t have a bunch of rich people who want favors as friends, and convincing the local media that I will work tirelessly for the corporations would be very difficult.

  2. Why would we want a new mayor or council when this one represents all the citizens of Boise so well?

    EDITOR NOTE–You make a good point. Why even have elections?

  3. I was joking.
    If even 20% of Boise voters showed up to vote all the seats up for election could be replaced in November.

  4. Mr. Guardian: Please send me the link to donate to your campaign for City Council or Mayor.

    thank you

  5. Are any of the candidates or sitting leadership willing to change the Boise bike – friendly rules to state: Thou shall use toilets just like all the mere mortals are required to do?

    EDITOR NOTE–We assume you speak of the recent foothills fire caused by an environmental friendly biker who torched his feces. We hear the evidence stinks and investigators wouldn’t touch it.

  6. Eberle needs to resign from CCDC.

    If you do not live in Boise and do not suffer the results of the CCDC you should not serve there…but again the CCDC is just a pet of the mayor and council so it qualifies for the “staff it with your buddies” policy.

  7. How about Ben who I met at the Shakespeare Festival two years ago? Is he running? He had never been to the Panhandle. Unbelievable.

  8. Please, no more Bieter’s Bikes or Bieter’s buses.

  9. It might be that there is little interest in the City Council because council members do not directly represent any district or neighborhood. They have chosen the “at large” method of representation so they all supposedly represent everyone and avoid regional conflicts. In reality it means there is no one directly representing you or your neighborhood.

    Further, they are considered a quasi-judicial body, meaning that if you have an issue with an upcoming development in your neighborhood, they cannot speak with you about it or they would have to recuse themselves should they have to vote on the issue.

    You have a representative at the federal and state levels , but there is no one on the City of Boise to represent your needs.

    So why be interested in running or for some, even voting for those positions.

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