World Social Media Ablaze Over ISU Staffer “Huntress”

Social media is ablaze with comments over a series of posts and tweets featuring an Idaho “huntress”
who is shown posing with a series of dead African game animals, in the wake of the controversy ignited by the death of “Cecil the lion.”

While we don’t know if the images are really of Sabrina Corgatelli, her name is listed on the ISU website as a senior accountant at the school.

So far she has avoided killing ta beloved “Bengal” Tiger (The ISU school mascot) which would surely cause even more negative feedback.

The DAILY MAIL features a series of photos of the buxom huntress who is said to be an accountant at Idaho State University.

Here is IdahoState University’s official statement:
“This is not an Idaho State University matter. While the individual in question is an employee, her personal choices are not representative of the University.”

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  1. Cool. Money from hunting is a big part of what funds the conservation efforts in the dumpy little corrupted African countries… and Idaho too. The liberal animal-loving fascist are certainly not funding it.

    We are now living in a fascist witch hunt kind of world. Lawfulness and Rights be damned. The narrow minded liberals are really showing their stripes. Perhaps they’ve been driven to madness by Obama’s landmark presidential failures or the fact that oil is cheap again… whatever it is, they feel perfectly justified in the most ridiculous contortions of irrationalities. However, it seems to be a nationally organized effort… Anything to take eyes of the baby killers and Bill Clinton’s latest girlfriend I suppose?

    Long Live Cabella’s!! Bought several gift cards after reading about this.

    And, Wow!, Nice rack!

  2. zippo… we finally agree.. that is one hell of a rack

  3. Grumpy ole Guy
    Aug 3, 2015, 12:18 am

    Speaking of accounting, by my count Zippo manages 8 mutually contradictory statements in one short post. As just two examples “Liberal fascist”;and, if Obama’s failures are so great how did oil prices come down?

  4. Zippo maybe she’ll let you help her eat that giraffe. Typical Idaho Red neck.

  5. Creepy old chick with caked on makeup and bad plastic surgery. seeks attention by killing animals. What she really needs is. an. analyst.

  6. The school must pay REALLY well.

  7. GoG: Read: Jonah Goldberg, H.G. Wells (Liberal Fascism).

    Bob: Vegetarian.

  8. I originally had no issue with this photo, nor most photos of hunters displaying their kill, until I read the article from England on this photo:

    It appears the photos of her trophy kills were posted with the sole intention of offending others during the international outrage of killing Cecil the lion and creating more controversy and buzz.

    While I support legal hunting and the harvesting of animals for meat, I have little tolerance for those who kill for the trophy alone, and the worst of the bunch are people who glorify themselves in that process.

  9. disagree with zippo. Conservation efforts from hunting are a joke. Corruption takes all the gains. It takes no sport to shoot something that cannot kill you. And like the moron dentist who trophy killed Cecil leaving the carcass, what a waste. Only a pussy requires a lion to be headlight dazed first.

    I am not against hunting, but don’t waste. Eat the kill and it becomes a good kill. Why not give hunters licenses to kill death row inmates and let the inmates free across Nevada desert or Africa. That way everyone is happy. And they can mount the head above the dinner table. Great conversation piece.

  10. I had a professor at Univ. of Idaho that taught “elkanomics”. Wenders often stated that wildlife has no value because nobody really owns it. Yes, the state owns and manages the wildlife, but there has never been a value placed on the animal besides the tag fee. This article take a very similar view of the current situation. Let the animals go to bid for the rights to hunt or to preserve their lives.

  11. Not only is she “said to be”, but actually is an employee there.

    ISU is taking a beating on social media. ISU posts a FB message about Shakespeare and the PETA folks bomb the post crying about Sabrina. Some of the animal-huggers are quite vulgar. BULLIES!
    Love a deer, hate a human.

    It is another example of PETA extreme terrorism. There will be protesters at ISU for sure. Maybe Councilman TJ is already on his way.

    They literally want ISU to fire this lady because she chooses to legally hunt legal animals.

    Circuses last month– and now legal big game hunts in Africa, despite plentiful animals and animals raised intentionally for hunting. Impala population is estimated at 2million+ in only a portion of Africa. It’s like geese in Boise parks.

    “buxom”? Guardian, Where on the spectrum of sexist comments does that go?
    (EDITOR NOTE–we hesitated to use the term, but the revealing cleavage shot she posted “opened up” that term.)

    So Zippo and Rick fall right in line.
    Sexist comments okay. Truthful criticism of police not okay?

  12. Leave it to a couple of idaho rednecks to focus on this bimbo’s rack.
    She’s a

    EDITOR NOTE—crude comment deleted. Try to stay civil. Crude comments will not be posted.

  13. Once we’ve had our laughs and giggles killing everything that moves on the only habitable planet we will ever know, there will always be Soylent Green. The Arrogant Oldsters figure they’ll all be dead when that happens, but they way things are going they might get a front row seat. Be lots of fun trying to explain to the grandkids how they inherited a rich, diverse planet and managed to destroy it in their lifetime.

  14. Bet she didn’t eat that giraffe. Giraffe is too gamey. The others are fine, but I bet she didn’t eat any of them, either.
    I wonder if the meat was sold for profit, or donated locally?
    Game preserve or private ranch? The first are easy enough, the second more like a shooting gallery. Not hunting.
    You want hunting, go hunt feral hogs in Georgia or Hawaii. That’s hard work, and beneficial to boot.

  15. Aahhh the wisdom of the Internet.

    Here’s a quote from someone who bagged a giraffe on a game farm in Africa.

    “We grilled the Giraffe steak over a Black Hook Thorn fire. I have eaten a variety of wild game in North America and Africa. I can honestly say that this Giraffe steak was the best meat that I have ever eaten.”

    “BEST meat ever”

    He was referring to the loin though. Maybe the liver is too gamey.

    Of course if you have a recipe, it helps:

    Or for a funny instructional video:

    “It can be quite tough and chewy, however, it is very flavorful.”

    Want to buy some meat or a live giraffe for your next barbecue?

    Kangaroo anyone?

  16. How much do we bet she gets a reality TV deal that includes ammo, cutoffs and makeup.

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