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Shift In Winds Could Mean Smoke In Boise

GUARDIAN reader John Kangas sent us these photos of the 30,000 acre Soda fire burning in Owyhee County Tuesday evening at sunset.

Kangas said if there is any shift in the wind, it could mean massive smoke settling into the Boise Valley. He noted the winds are currently out of the south, but a shift to the west could spell air quality problems in Boise.

U.S. 95 was closed just outside Marsing Tuesday.

Top image shows Lake Lowell near Nampa and the other was taken from just over the Owyhee foothills.


owyhee fire

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  1. Ash was falling in the Caldwell area. I was about 9-miles NNW of the town and the smoke was heavy and the ash was coming with it. Reminded me of Yellowstone 1988.

  2. These fires are a very big business opportunity to ‘manage’. All the hype about fires has sucked most of the money out of the other responsibilities for public land management. So now when going to a favorite campground, what used to cost $3 a night with a Forest Service employee on site, now it cost $26 with no supervision.

    Also they still seem to dither around with a fire for several days before getting serious about putting it out. Perhaps part of the hype?

    I’d like less hype and more action. Also, please change the way a fire’s size is reported. They currently report the number of acres burned since the start of the fire… which makes an old fire sound really huge… instead of simply reporting the acres currently on burning.

    Suggest all taxpayers take a look at Google Maps at the huge brand new fleet of vehicles these agencies have for fire related. Then look at used truck dealer lots to see all the slightly used federal fire equipment getting dumped to make room for more new purchases.

    Years ago they had a reasonable balance to there activities. They controlled range fires with sheep and cattle. They controlled forest fires with timber harvesting… like the Canadians still do.

  3. The roar of fighter jets overhead, smoke, dust and flying rocks everywhere; going to need to take a vacation to Syria or Afghanasta for a little peace and quiet…

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