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Eclipse Leaves Moon In The Dark

Sunday was a perfect night for getting out and howling at the moon. We didn’t hear much howling, but there were plenty of folks watching the so-called “super moon” lunar eclipse. The GUARDIAN made the obligatory image and shared binoculars and telescope views with folks along one of the Federal Way turnouts. The atmosphere was […]

Airport Noise Issue Causes Citizen Turbulence

Neighbors from the Hillcrest Place Homeowners Association, Vista Neighborhood Association sounded off over a noise survey conducted by the Boise Airport, but with very little notification of homeowners. It looks like the 75 property owners who attended the meeting at Whitney Community Center Thursday night were roused to action by social media posts on the […]

Before You Vote, Get Registered!

September 22nd is National Voter Registration Day. The Ada County Elections office is partnering with local cities, libraries and Boise State University‚Äôs Associated Students of Boise State University to provide registration services to the people of Ada County. Over the past three decades, voter participation has seen a steady decline. Research shows that an effective […]

Two Candidates Leave Boise City Race

Word from Boise City Hall: Former Fire Captain Paul Fortin and former Ada Sheriff Myron Gilbert have dropped out of the race. Gilbert filed before Judy Peavey-Derr announced her mayor candidacy at the last minute. She is a current member of the Greater Boise Auditorium District board and formerly served on the Ada Highway District […]

Bike Shop Wants Space For Cars

An example of “be careful what you wish for,” popped up this week when Mayor Dave Bieter sent a letter to the ACHD seeking to eliminate a left turn lane downtown in favor of on-street parking spaces in front of Intermountain Touring downtown. Bieter is up for re-election in November. Here is the Ada County […]

All Bets Off For Idaho Horseless Racing

The Idaho Supreme Court Thursday issued an order compelling Secretary of State Lawrence Denny to certify the Idaho Legislature’s repeal of the so-called “instant racing” law which permitted the use of what most people recognize as slot machines. What this means is Gov. Butch Otter’s veto of the repeal was invalid due to late filing […]

Idaho Politicos Paid $21 Million By Supporters

The Daily Paper’s Bill Dentzer offered up a very detailed story Sunday about how much in payoffs are “donated” to Idaho politicians. While the story is well researched and has lots of fair and accurate quotes from businesses and lobbyists, the takeaway has to be most of these elected officials are for sale. Sure, they […]

Bieter Has Opposition For Mayor Job

Looks like Boise Mayor Dave Bieter will have an interesting football season and it won’t be on the gridiron. Judy Peavey-Derr, former Ada County Highway District commish, former Ada County commish, and current Greater Boise Auditorium District commish, ran onto the field just before time ran out at 5p.m. Friday to get her name on […]

New Twist To “First Responder.”

Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan has been a first responder to numerous traffic accidents, but Friday he set a new record with a a “0” response time. He was riding his bike northbound in the newly painted bike lane when a motorist turned in front of him, causing the Chief to smack the car. Doan […]

Political Birds Feather Their Own Nests

We often have a feeling of helplessness when it comes to Idaho politicians. As a group they resent the citizens and work hard at limiting any “power to the people.” For example, only the legislature can change the retirement system and they are the prime beneficiaries. “Forgettaboutit.” To recall an elected official in Idaho it […]

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