Eclipse Leaves Moon In The Dark

Sunday was a perfect night for getting out and howling at the moon. We didn’t hear much howling, but there were plenty of folks watching the so-called “super moon” lunar eclipse.

The GUARDIAN made the obligatory image and shared binoculars and telescope views with folks along one of the Federal Way turnouts. The atmosphere was most neighborly and the youngsters will no doubt remember it forever. There were also people who were “moonstruck” atop parking structures, at the Depot, and Table Rock.

If only we could get the same enthusiasm for people to turnout for the city election!

A lunar eclipse can occur only at full moon. A total lunar eclipse can happen only when the sun, Earth and moon are perfectly lined up — anything less than perfection creates a partial lunar eclipse or no eclipse at all.

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  1. Grumpy ole Guy
    Sep 28, 2015, 1:11 am

    Another Guardian Gala photograph. Is there going to be a gallery exhibit of these, some day?

  2. I missed it, will I still be alive, and will Obamacare have paid for my eye surgery so i can see the next one?

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