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More Chatter On Airport Noise

The meeting of mostly irate homeowners last week over the Boise Airport Noise Survey has caused the city to offer another chance for residents to sound off. The GUARDIAN has followed the issue, both from a practical and political standpoint.

It appears the Air Guard and City leaders are in favor of basing high performance combat fighters at Gowen Field. We think it absurd to base those noisy aircraft amidst the most densely populated area in the state of Idaho. Mountain Home is a logical choice.

The current A-10 aircraft is quiet compared to the F-15 and F-35.

From what we saw and heard at the citizen meeting which was dominated by a city councilor candidate and the airport manager, the sound survey appears to be a requirement of the FAA in order to qualify for “mediation funds.” Here is an EASEMENT form the airport offers which will eliminate current and future property owners rights to seek legal redress over airport noise and fumes.

Here is their latest invitation for October 6.

Boise Airport Open House
Noise and Land Use Study

Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Boise River Room – Third Floor of Airport

The Boise Airport invites you to attend an open house on Tuesday, October 6 as part of the Airport’s update to the 14 CFR Part 150 Noise and Land Use Compatibility Study. The meeting will be held in an open house format with project information to view, and airport staff will be available to discuss the project. The presentation will be held at 6:00 PM. Parking will be validated.

The study defines existing and forecast aircraft noise exposure levels around the Boise Airport, and identifies previously approved noise abatement measures and updated land use and continuing program measures necessary to maintain or enhance compatible land use in the areas and communities surrounding the airport.

This study simply models forecasted noise levels from aircraft that could be based at Gowen Field. No long term aircraft basing decisions have been made by the United States Air Force at this time regarding what could come after the A-10 is retired at Gowen Field.

Editor Note: The city used airport funds to display signs proclaiming support of the F-35 and the city council also passed a unanimous resolution in support. It is easy to claim it is “all in the hands of the military in Washington,” but the city politicos and Air Guard command have more influence than the homeowners on the Boise Bench and none has spoken against the noisy combat fighter jets.

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  1. Could someone in the local ‘on-your-side’ ‘looking-out-for-you’ mainstream media outlets please put the city leaders on the spot with the simple question of: “Why are you so excited about bringing a noisy aircraft to Boise when there are a dozen quiet types in the air force inventory.”

    As a follow up, ask them to show specific numbers of values lost to a specific home near the airport/golf course.

    Please!!! How dare you call yourself reporters if you won’t ask this question during prime time viewing. Bet you won’t even send an intern to the Oct. 6 meeting.

  2. But Zip, that wouldn’t be a feel-good story, and it nothing to do with weather.

  3. TV channels 2, 6, 7, the Idaho Statesman, and the Boise Weekly were all notified by me at 6am the day of the citizens meeting last week. None of them notified the community of the upcoming meeting.

    At least 6 other people notified various media outlets as well.

    The only media at the meeting was the Boise Gaurdian, and a channel 2 news camera. I have heard an unconfirmed report that channel 2 ran video on their TV news broadcast, but there is nothing on their website. No record for future generations to show the massive outpouring of anger about this rediculous scheme to base flame throwing jets in Idahos biggest metro area.

    If you watch the local news or read their content, you could be understandably confused as to what they deem news worthy. Car crashes, crime, football, the mass shooting of the week, burger joint reviews, the never ending wars, but rarely any reporting on the meetings leading up to important decisions that will deeply effect the citizens.

    It seems the local media are in cahoots with our criminal politicians. Don’t count on them to help the people keep the LOUD jets out of Boise.

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Oct 2, 2015, 11:15 am

    Has the Mayor or any City Councilor EVER held a press conference to answer questions about anything? Or even been interviewed?

    The retirement of the A-10’s is also a controversial issue. Some think they are still effective and don’t need to be retired.

    EDITOR NOTE–Last we heard the A-10 got a five year reprieve.

  5. I attended the meeting and will be at the airport meeting tomorrow evening. I have now read articles that date back several years and I realized that, although citizens were not aware of these decisions, it seems that the mayor, governor, congressmen are all embracing the F-15 and F-35. I phoned Judy Peavey as she attended the last meeting to ask why the citizens living in the Boise Bench were not consulted as they will be the most affected. Why would our elected officials not want the opinion of their constituents. She said that it was because of the money. She also said that as citizens we must look for a compromise and discuss optional aircraft which would be more compatible to residential areas. That way the national Guard and the citizens could be on the same page. The purpose of the noise abatement survey could result in people losing their homes and if not, having an easement placed on their property. That results in loss of value.

  6. Dear Editor:

    I reviewed the “Grant of Aviation Easement” which you included in your article. Thank you. Under the Easement, Boise City is the recipient or the beneficiary of the Aviation Easement. Who or what entity would be the “Grantor” as it is currently blank on the draft. The Proposed Easement does not also include a legal description of the property that will be burdened. Is it contemplated that the City would need to negotiate with each affected property owner in order to obtain the easement? –Andy Hawes

    EDITOR NOTE–Appears to me the city will “buy” easements in exchange for immunity from litigation now or in the future.

  7. My husband and I just bought our first home close to the Boise airport to welcome the arrival of our first child. We saved for a long time to realize the dream of home ownership and have been working very hard to fix it up. We understood that there would be some extra noise living close to the airport but this is ridiculous. If this summer’s training is a preview of what is to come then we are in for serious heartbreak. This snafu will either mean that we will be stuck in this house (resell, ha!) or maybe we will be bought out for whatever someone else thinks our home is worth. It’s very defeating. Looking at the maps we are literally just a house or two away from what is currently considered the 65 decibel zone. Also, we were not told about the meeting. We only found out about it on the news afterwards.

  8. Myself and my wife have lived on the upper bench for twenty years now. We bought our house knowing we were located just across the freeway from the airport and were aware of the noise. The noise from the F15’s was not that bad as it only lasts for a minute or two. So if you were so naïve as to where you bought your house that’s your fault. As for the rest of us who bought here long ago we like it here and we do not want Boise City to buy us out because of a fewer snivelers who do not like the noise. The freeway makes noise continuous and nobody has ever complained about Boise Cities noise wall that never worked. So were can also hope that a new runway will be built for the 100 million that Boise City proposes it will cost to buy up 400 houses on the upper bench. So maybe we need to have a discussion about this.

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