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West Bench Neighbors Mayor Forum

The West Bench Neighborhood Association is holding a forum for Boise mayoral candidates on October 21, 2015 from 7pm to 8:30pm at Morley Nelson Community Center on Northview St.

This is a great opportunity for the voters to hear the candidate’s views prior to the election on November 3. Judy Peavey Derr and Seth Holden have stated they were coming and it is anticipated that Dave Bieter will also participate.

The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions of the candidates.

EDITOR NOTE–Dave Frazier, GUARDIAN editor, has agreed to moderate the forum. Questions will come from the audience and every effort will be made to offer a fair and balanced opportunity for both citizens and candidates.

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  1. Last time I watched Dave Bieter in a debate he stumbled and stammered his way through it. I couldn’t believe anyone would actually vote for the idiot. I’m giving high odds on something more important popping up and Bieter racing off due to “important city business.”

  2. “fair and balanced”—like Fox News?

    EDITOR NOTE–You are welcome to come and ask questions…unless you have already made up your mind without hearing from the candidates.

  3. Grumpy ole Guy
    Oct 2, 2015, 10:10 pm

    Thanks, Dave, for your participation in this vital opportunity.

  4. Annexation should be an agenda item. It seems that Boise has annexed new land every year since 1947. Sometimes at the request at of the property owners but often it is a forced annexation. When will Boise become big enough and start forcing development in existing boundaries? (click open in mapviewer)

    Here are 2 that are in the works and looked to be forced annexation .

  5. Thanks for informing the readership of this event. I will make ever effort to attend it especially as I don’t live very far from there.

    Do you know if there will be anyone there recording/filming it?

  6. Annexation is another way to raise money for the city. The mayor and council will ALWAYS tell you that the reason for it is that those being annexed are using city services.

    But again it is simply a method to raise more money. AND you have NO defense against it.

  7. West Bench Neighborhood Association would like to solicit your questions for the candidates. Email your questions to

    We have done a few of these forums and we are planning on recording this one.

    Opening statements, questions and closing remarks will all be timed to give equal opportunity to our candidates.

  8. heres the problem… fair and balanced is a perception… is you agree with fox news its fair… if you have a modicum of intelligence its biased…. goes for any issue

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