County Elected Official Pay Scale

In the wake of last week’s GUARDIAN Treasurer Feud post and a well researched in-depth story in Today’s DAILY PAPER by Cynthia Sewell, we are offering the pay chart of  Ada elected officials.COUNTY PAY

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  1. WTF!!!!

  2. The County is not that complicated, and the parts that are have their own elected manager. It’s hard for me to believe that we need that much top management ($400k including bennies for the commissioners).

  3. Average wage for Ada county is $43,000.

  4. Eagle Writer
    Oct 21, 2015, 8:44 am

    Those salaries are not out of line for professional work.

    The challenge of citizen governments is that the citizen must be able to afford to serve. By example, if we accept Robert’s figure of $43,000 as the Ada average and set politicians’ salaries at the average, it would disqualify anyone who earned more in their craft or trade.

    If you are earning, say, a very modest $80K at Micron, HP or as a middle school principal, you would lose your house if you took a cut to $43,000.

    We don’t want our pols to get rich on the job, but the job and salary must attract informed and capable people. Whether or not we elect such people is a different question.

  5. Commissioners getting $100k a year seems kind of hihg. Funny how taxophobes have their pet outrages but you never hear about Ada Commissioner salaries.

    How much do Boise City Council members make? It’s a fraction of that if I recall clearly and I’m pretty sure City Council does a lot more wokr than the Ada County Commission.

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