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Does Bieter Follow Biden With Plagiarism?

GUARDIAN reader JJ may have uncovered a “scandal in the saguaro” with this Scottsdale, Arizona sign and slogan often uttered by Boise’s 12 year year mayor.
Dear Distinguished Editor; I regret to inform you, and the City of Boise leaders, that while on a trip to Scottsdale Arizona I discovered that Scottsdale, was already the “Most Livable City”, it must be true since it is on the sign as you enter the City (see photo). Perhaps Boise, should quickly adopt the motto “Boise, the Second Most Livable City” before someone else takes it.

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  1. While we’re at it, might need an IDS expose on “City of Trees!”

  2. Cowpoke Twice Removed
    Oct 27, 2015, 12:21 pm

    Anyplace with an average high of over 100 for 3 straight months and an average high of 104 in July can’t claim, “Most Livable City”. I’m pretty sure that’s in the constitution somewhere.

  3. I agree with ‘poke—Something’s been painted over on the sign above the “Most Livable City”—someone expressing other sentiments, perhaps?

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